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Harrow - Season 01

Moon Knight's first season gets top marks for Oscar Isaac's double-duty lead performance but fails to be compelling apart from a passing interest. The series follows Marc Spector, a lethal mercenary with dissociative identity disorder. He's the human avatar of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham); who uses Marc to bring justice to evil-doers. Marc shares a personality with the British Steven Grant, a sheepish museum gift shop worker with no initial knowledge of his crime-fighting alter ego. They battle Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), a cult leader and former Khonshu avatar. Harrow and his minions want to free Ammit (voiced by Saba Mubarek), an Egyptian goddess who passes preemptive death sentences based on an individual's potential for wrong.

Harrow - Season 01

The season one finale, "Gods and Monsters", opens with Marc freeing Steven from damnation. They run through the Gates of Osiris and escape to the mortal world. Meanwhile, on Tawaret's instructions, Layla frees Khonshu. She then follows Harrow to the Pyramid of Giza. He releases the Crocodile-faced Ammit. She begins to collect the souls of Cairo. Khonshu fights Ammit as towering giants beside the pyramid. Marc/Steven battles Harrow as Moon Knight. Layla becomes the Scarlet Scarab, Tawaret's human avatar. They imprison Ammit in Harrow's body where she can be killed. Marc/Steven blacks out momentarily before refusing to kill Harrow. They are released by Khonshu and finally find peace. A mid-credits scene has a mysterious assailant kidnapping Harrow from a hospital. A smug Khonshu laughs as Jake, a third persona of Marc Spector, shoots and kills Harrow.

Moon Knight's Egyptian gods vary from dark to comical. Khonshu has a menacing presence that wanes as the season progresses, Tawaret comes off as a cute and cuddly hippo, and the other Egyptian gods barely register. They are supposed to be fearsome and awe-inspiring. Ammit did not meet my expectations whatsoever as a giant crocodile. Her showdown with Khonshu was a mundane clash of titans. She was easily defeated for such a powerful deity.

Oscar Isaac's brilliant acting makes the show worth watching. Steven, Marc, and now Jake, are completely different. He expertly handles the mental health aspects of a troubled man. This is a fine line that Moon Knight carefully straddles. Next season's set-up holds promise. Moon Knight stretches credulity to have three personalities and two superhero iterations inhabit the same body. It'll be interesting to see how this new storyline develops.

The big question that fans continue to ask about Moon Knight is if and when it will move on to a second season, which has already been teased on a couple of occasions since Episode 6 debuted. While excitement builds to see actors like Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy return to their roles, other actors like Hawke are still uncertain with regard to this series' future on Disney+.

During a Q&A session on Facebook, roughly translated by Twitter user @boda16_, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab teased a potential comeback for Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow as evidence mounts supporting a second season.

"Harrow" producers at ABC have yet to confirm a fourth season of their hit medical drama. However, there's no reason to believe the series won't continue for more episodes, either, barring an announcement of its cancellation from ABC.

Structurally, the drama on "Harrow" is generally episodic, with ongoing season story arcs taking place amidst its individual self-contained plot-lines. Throughout season 3, Dr. Harrow attempts to reconnect with his supposed son James, who he had previously thought dead. In the season 3 finale, James is kidnapped, and Dr. Harrow, Fern, and Callan work to negotiate his release. After saving James, however, his mother Tanya reveals to Dr. Harrow that James was never actually his son, and the claim was merely an attempt by Tanya to secure Dr. Harrow's involvement in her life.

"Harrow" is distributed by ABC International, the global offshoot of ABC, one of the major Australian TV networks. As such, the first three seasons of "Harrow" in 2018, 2019, and 2021, aired on the broadcast network in Australia, and viewers living in that country can catch up and watch the whole 30-episode rum on ABC's iview streaming service.

ABC in the United States is a different entity from Australian ABC, a subsidiary of Disney which also operates the Hulu-streaming service. It's there that American viewers can check out "Harrow," as all three existing seasons of the Australian crime drama are available to view at no additional charge to Hulu subscribers. Elsewhere for North American fans, the first 10 episodes of Season 1 of "Harrow" are up for individual download via Amazon's Prime Video platform at a cost of $1.99 for standard definition and $2.99 each for HD versions.

Whatever the case may be, Hawke has shown interest in continuing his character's story in a second season of Moon Knight, so it's possible he knows something about Harrow's future we don't. With no season 2 announcement, however, we might be waiting a while before finding out!

The farm had been in operation for approximately eight and a half years at the time of the incident and employed mostly seasonal employees. At the height of the tobacco season, there were approximately 250 seasonal workers, including the victim. Seasonal employees began farm work in March and continued through November. The height of the shade tobacco season was the middle of June through the beginning of September. The farm did not have a designated individual in charge of safety or a health and safety program.

The victim had over 40 years of experience working on farms and over 30 years of experience as a tractor operator. He had been employed on a seasonal basis for the entire eight and a half years the farm had been in business. The employer provided training based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Worker Protection Standard, which is limited to the hazards related to working with pesticides. Other training topics addressed by the employer included heat stress and how to handle the tobacco plants to ensure tobacco quality. The employer did not provide training on the safe use and operation of farm equipment, such as tractors. However, employees were trained when new equipment was implemented. In addition, the employer mentioned that seatbelt use was not enforced when employees were operating tractors.

The incident occurred during planting season. Prior to planting the fields, rye that had grown was cut down and the fields were plowed, fertilized and wheel harrowed. Wheel harrowing, the task performed by the victim when the incident occurred, mixes fertilizer into the soil. The wheel harrow, which consists of skewed metal wheels, is attached to the rear of the tractor and pulled through the field (Figure 2).

The tasks for which tractors were used at the farm included wheel harrowing, plowing, and cultivating. The tractor involved in the incident, a four-wheel drive utility tractor, had been manufactured in 1999 and was equipped with a rollover protective structure (ROPS). This particular ROPS had been designed with hinges so the top section of the ROPS could fold out of the way allowing the tractor to fit through a standard six foot eight inches high doorway. When the ROPS was in the fully upright position, the tractor was unable to fit inside the shade tent.

Discussion: The tractor involved in this incident had been recently purchased and was typically used for soil preparation type work such as wheel harrowing and tilling. These tasks were typically performed under the wire grid of the shade tent. In this case, the tractor involved in the incident was too large and too high off the ground to fit inside the shade tent. A smaller tractor, with a lower profile, should have been selected for all tasks to be performed inside the tent. Selecting equipment that is best suited for a task can greatly reduce employee hazards, such as being caught up in the wire grid.

Discussion: In this case, the employer trained employees, including seasonal employees, in the safe use and handling of pesticides, which was outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Worker Protection Standard.

A tine harrow has a plurality of harrow tines mounted on and downwardly depending from a harrow frame. The tines are configured to be movable between a lowered position and a raised position, and at least one tine lowerable or raiseable to a different relative position in relation to a surface of a field than others of the tines. The ability to lower and raise individual tines or rows of tines to different positions in relation to a surface of a field provides more effective response of the tine harrow to changing land conditions. The positions to which individual tines or rows of tines are lowered or raised may be selectively set to further enhance effectiveness of the response of the tine harrow to changing land conditions.

1. A tine harrow comprising a plurality of harrow tines mounted on and downwardly depending from a harrow frame, the harrow tines configured to be moveable between a lowered position and a raised position, wherein at least one harrow tine is lowerable or raiseable to a different relative position in relation to a surface of a field than others of the harrow tines,

2. The harrow according to claim 1, wherein the harrow frame comprises at least one section of tines, the plurality of harrow tines in one section of the at least one section is arranged in a plurality of transverse rows, and the tines in at least one transverse row in the one section are lowerable or raiseable to the different relative position in relation to the surface of the field than others of the tines in the one section.

3. The harrow according to claim 2, wherein the plurality of tines is lowered and raised by rotation of the tines about respective transverse axes, and the tines that are lowerable or raiseable to the different relative position are selectively lowerable or raiseable to at least two different relative positions. 041b061a72


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