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Bulat Mishin
Bulat Mishin

Download Style Roland Exr 5s !FREE!

roland's v-link video control is a powerful, easy-to-use video control system. using v-link you can instantly synchronize video with a song by using any compatible vcr, dvd recorder or pc, as well as allowing you to loop video clips as needed. plus v-link includes midi track recording capabilities allowing you to capture and play back any midi performance from your vcr or dvd player. you can even connect your v-link-equipped sound module to your pc or mac via usb for even more options.

download style roland exr 5s


vintage or contemporary sound the exr-5's onboard sound engine provides both vintage and contemporary sounds to satisfy the needs of all players. the contemporary styles feature three different sound types (vintage, contemporary and contemporary hybrid) to create a large variety of sounds in a single music style. the vintage styles (2) include the sounds from the rd-series, the flagship instrument in the roland virtual instrument series. each of the styles is loaded with more than 500 onboard tones.

two advanced effects include echo and chorus. echo simulates the sound of a group of instruments playing together, while chorus creates a natural sounding chorus effect that can be controlled with the volume knob. stereo panning and reverb are also included as the last effects in the effects section, for a total of four effects.all style fields are fully customizable to allow you to create your own sounds with ease. and with an easy-to-use two-zone pitch wheel and 4-octave keyboard, you can choose from a large number of tones. the 5-band eq offers the most popular frequency ranges for adjusting sound for your instrument.


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