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Small Auto Repair Shop Software

Designed to be user friendly with reliablity in mind, targetted at small and independant car repair shops and mobile mechanics. How you manage your auto repair shop requires the right software to run your business more efficiently, keep accurate track of all your work documents and finances, make your business easier to run and more profitable.

Small Auto Repair Shop Software

Shop Boss is a leading shop management software for independent auto repair shops. Meticulously designed by a former shop owner, the functions of our auto repair shop software facilitate smooth day-to-day operations for shop owners and mechanics. Integrated features such as an auto repair labor guide, estimating, parts ordering, markup calculator, and customer self-check-in are essential to running a successful shop in the modern age. With Shop Boss, these cutting-edge features and more all live in one convenient, web-based application for your team to access anytime, anywhere, on any WiFi-capable device.

The automotive industry has traditionally been behind the curve in utilizing the latest technology available. We set out to change that. No more messy office files, no more chaos. Shop Boss is a complete auto shop software under one roof.

The recent automotive innovations have transformed the auto industry by providing end-to-end solutions for all industry participants. Technological advancements and software innovations are changing the way automobiles are designed, built, powered, and repaired. The high-tech automobiles, transformational designs, AI-powered auto dashboards, etc. are causing the low-tech repair shops to change their mechanisms and upgrade their systems to serve high-end, digitized, and automated vehicles.

Mechanic Scheduling and allotment: The business for garages is not a uniform one. There are peak days when mechanics are overburdened and there are days when there is no work at all. Most people come for normal services on weekends, making weekends busier than other days. In such working scenarios, appropriate and time-efficient scheduling remains a big challenge for auto repair businesses.

Updating Knowledge: Staying updated regarding the latest diagnostic technologies, current vehicle tech, advanced repairing tools, etc. is critical to cater to a large customer base. Also, high-value vehicle owners will come to your repair shop only if you are a tech-driven advanced auto repair expert.

Keeping Repair Costs Affordable: Increasing technician costs, higher parts prices, and complicated repairs challenge the auto repair industry to keep the costs affordable for the customers.

Repair Failure Risks: Low-quality spare parts, technical glitches, or human errors can lead to complete failure of repair work. It can put customers at risk and cause litigation over repair shops.

Workflow Management: Auto repair shops are a busy place. There are a number of activities to manage before you can repair and deliver a single-vehicle. This can be exhilarating without a systematic plan, and technological assistance.

Auto Repair Software is a set of applications that provides a set of digital tools for the auto repair shops to ease, streamline and manage their daily workflows efficiently. Some of the noted features of an Auto Repair software are:

Check-in and Registration: The auto repair software allows customers to book a repair appointment with you. Customers can book the empty slots for non-urgent vehicle repair works such as regular service or maintenance, repair, or upgradation work. If the customer has come unannounced or if the vehicle has broken down on the road, you can enter the details in the software, and the software automatically assigns the mechanic who is free to take the task.

Inspection Data: Your technician can feed inspection data in the software application for better diagnostic and quality service. The past repair data, maintenance history, etc. can be entered into the software for future reference before taking possession of the vehicle. If the customer is coming for the second time, then you can simply check your database for previous service history.

Cost Estimation and Authorization: Based on the diagnostic, the required repair work can be clearly noted down along with the costs. The software can accurately estimate the overall repair costs and also provide segment-wise details of the cost. Once the repair cost estimate is ready, you can take written or email confirmation from the customer before the task is performed. Cost estimate confirmations are mandatory in many countries and auto repair software helps garage owners in adhering to the local laws.

Work-in-Progress: During the repair process, the software helps your mechanics, technicians, and helpers in scheduling various phases of the repair work, managing inventory, ordering parts, etc. During this phase, the customer automatically gets notified about the work done on a regular basis.

Marketing: Auto Repair software also assists garage owners in marketing their shop by features to offer discount deals, free services for loyal customers, sending regular emails for maintenance, and service reminders, etc.

Better Management of Inventory: Auto repair is an inventory-dependent business. Mechanics need tools, spare parts, equipment to repair vehicles. Managing inventory levels is easy with auto repair software. Automated order booking, vendor management, and payments features allow auto shops to maintain inventory levels without chaos.

Workflow Management: Whether it is an independent auto repair shop or an auto repair company, clearly defined workflows, organized activities, and streamlined processes are critical to profit sustainability. Auto repair software takes care of workflows beginning with appointment booking to final vehicle delivery.

Training: Auto repair software comes with integrated training modules for various variants. Troubleshooting, repair guides, and car maintenance modules help technicians in keeping themselves updated with the latest repair methods and technologies.

Adopting technology has always benefited businesses and auto repair services are no exception. However, before you select the top auto repair software, you need to understand what factors to consider to make a prudent buying decision. Below are some critical factors that you need to consider meticulously:

The past few years have witnessed the swift rise of services such as Uber, Lyft, Ola, Hailo, etc., and shared vehicles have increased the demand for vehicles. Compared to autonomous vehicles cabs associated with these services require frequent repair work and maintenance.

Growing Auto Repair Establishments: Between 2010 and 2020, the US alone added 6500 auto repair shop establishments. The surge in the number of auto repair shops indicates both opportunity and demand in this field. However, it also means increased competition. Auto repair shops need to get technologically advanced to cater to the industry.

IoT: The automotive repair and maintenance companies are increasingly adopting IoT technology to improve repairs, detect repairing needs, connect with vehicles in real-time for remote assistance to drivers. Advanced auto repair shops collaborate with manufacturers to access the sensor-generated real-time status of vehicle components. Predicting any part failure provides auto repair services to provide proactive repair and maintenance services.

Laws for Right to Repair: The OE manufacturers who build connected vehicles refrain from sharing vehicle data with dealers and independent repair shops. However, to make data freely available on independent platforms, and to grant the right to repair to vehicle owners, a new act was added in the US motor vehicle act by the Massachusetts electors. This eliminates the dependence of vehicle owners to go to OEMs designated repair shops only and provides them the liberty to get their vehicles repaired at any auto repair establishment.

ARI auto repair software comes at a monthly price of $19.99 that lets you manage unlimited clients and vehicles. You can also buy its lifetime version for $350. Complete Auto Reports value plan comes at $69.99 and standard plan at $119.99 per month. For the silver plan of Shop Boss, you need to pay $109 per shop. The basic plan of a shop monkey starts from $99 per month for 3 users' licenses. VIP shop management auto repair software comes for a $350 one-time payment for three users. If you need free auto repair software. check out the free version of AutoRepair Cloud. If you are looking for cost-saving auto repair software, then the best option will be to check the list of free and open source auto repair software generated exclusively by GoodFirms. For other Auto Repair software solutions such as Alldata, AutoFluent, you need to contact the vendor. Get the updated list and complete information from the GoodFirms Auto Repair software page.

From large automotive repair players, auto repair and maintenance shops, to small garages, everyone needs comprehensive software applications that improve their work functions and decrease redundancies. Auto repair software is widely used by Auto Repair Companies, Mechanics, Vehicle Technicians, OEMs who provide repair services, Auto Dealers who provide maintenance services, and Auto Repair shops (small, independent, family-owned, Mid-sized).

Auto repair software comes with a lot of advantages for auto repair businesses. It helps in the easy preparation of work time set up for labor, technician, and mechanics. It provides accurate and error-free estimates of job cost with advanced diagnostics, quick placement of orders for parts, inventory, supplies, and tools, and a complete view of business including customers, suppliers, employees, etc. Auto repair software is a centralized system for storing all essential vehicle data and service histories. It provides omnichannel appointment scheduling for better service, multiple billing, invoicing, and accounting options, and integrations to enhance competencies and technical knowledge.


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