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Christopher Ross
Christopher Ross

The Secrets of Manusmriti: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hindu Code of Conduct in Kannada PDF

manusmriti is an ancient text, however, not all of its meaning can be captured in a single book or even a single translation. this book is not meant to be an exhaustive study of the text. instead, it is only a summary of the text in the simplest and most readable form. it is a core text that is used to inspire and guide the rss and the sangh parivar.

manusmriti kannada pdf

the rss does not own the copyright of the manusmriti, however, it is a central text for the rss, and therefore, it is being distributed free of cost by the rss. the book is free of cost because it needs to be distributed widely across the country and it is not to make any money out of it. rss is to use the book as a one-way weapon against the congress and the congress-led upa government. the cover price of the book is 10 rs.

in the book, devanoora mahadeva puts forward his agenda for the rss, detailing its transformation into an all-encompassing social movement. he argues that the rss is a mere front, and its real agenda is to impose manusmriti and transform indian society to its own liking. his book, therefore, identifies and attempts to counter the ideological agenda of the rss.

the title of the book is similar to the subtitle of manusmriti: manusmriti - the laws of manu. the manusmriti is a book about the laws of manu. according to the manusmriti, society is a series of varnas or castes, manu is the emperor, and manu is the father of all people.

the manusmriti, also spelled as manusmruti, is an ancient legal text among the many dharmastras of hinduism. it was one of the first sanskrit texts to have been translated into english in 1794, by sir william jones, and was used to formulate the hindu law by the british colonial government.


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