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For users who insist on using an old version of Google Chrome and becoming vulnerable to security issues, you can find the right version of Google Chrome to download for your platform in the following sections.

download view now ( 63.06 MB )

The old versions of Chrome before V58 are packed as 7zip self-extracting executable. Just run the executable and extract the files under any folder on your hard drive. Then launch Google chrome with chrome.exe under the extraction folder. After V59, the archived chrome old version files are official Chrome offline installers. Just uninstall any current version of Chrome first and then run the downloaded installer. It's a one-click installer without any interactive UI.

Please notice that Chrome dropped support of XP and Vista since Chrome 50. If you are using XP and Vista, please download Chrome 49 or earlier, or download Slimjet Web Browser, which is based on Chromium and continues to support XP and Vista.

Sometimes it can be just because you don't like a new update or the new version of your preferred browser. Different people have different reasons, for example, developers don't like the placement of tools and in other cases the favorite extensions might not appear so useful. In such circumstances, all you need is the same previous version. In case of Chrome, though Google doesn't provide you with any Source) to download older versions of Google Chrome, but if you are really comfortable with those you don't need to disappoint. Slimjet offers you all older version under one roof.

Now getting and downloading the prior versions of Google Chrome is possible. Slimjet share the old versions of Chrome, packed as 7zip self-extracting executable file. Download the one you need, run the executable and extract the files on your hard drive. Simply launch Google chrome with chrome.exe under the extraction folder. You can scroll above for different versions, available in 32- bit and 64- bit.

Setting up Windows XP has become such a familiar and oft-repeated task that it requires very little effort these days. In fact, we simply recycled bare machine images from the last run on the platform a year ago, tweaking and adjusting them a little to make them more at home on our current hardware and network set-up, and re-recording the snapshots ready to start testing. As usual, no updates beyond the latest service pack were included, and additional software was kept to a minimum, with only some network drivers and a few basic tools such as archivers, document viewers and so on added to the basic operating system.

Over clean files scan times were not too bad, and on-access measures proved fairly light, with low use of resources and one of the fastest average times taken to complete our set of tasks. Detection rates were pretty solid, with a very gradual decline across the RAP sets, and the WildList set proved no problem at all. Our clean set threw up only a handful of adware alerts, hinting that we may want to clean out some of the less salubrious items from the popular download sites, and a VB100 is thus comfortably earned. Forefront has taken part in only five tests in the last two years, only two of the last six comparatives, but has an excellent record with every entry achieving certification.

Detection rates were not bad, with respectable scores throughout the sets, and once again the WildList was handled well. The clean sets threw up only a single suspicious alert, on a rather bizarre piece of software which claimed to be an entertaining game but in fact seemed to simulate the experience of driving a bus. Being quite forgiven for this result, Norman earns a VB100 award once again, making a total of four passes and two fails in the past six tests, with the longer view showing six passes and four fails, with two tests not entered, in the last two years. 041b061a72


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