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Askold Galkin
Askold Galkin

Linux Mint: Statement Zu Meltdown Und Spectre LINK

Hi!I am a full novice. I use an old laptop with mint 18 sarah 32 bit installed. My kernel is 4.4.0-21 generic i686 and the update manager show me as new kernel 4.4.0-112.135 Do i have to install this or there is another kernel to patch the meltdown and spectre? Why kernel update are level 5 when user guide says to avoid updates level 4 and 5? Do i have to install new linux firmware and xorg server too? Sorry for the stupidity of my questins but i am a total noob and i will not do an update without a clear answer from mint team because i do not know how to downgrade the kernel.

Linux Mint: Statement zu Meltdown und Spectre



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