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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

493 Mp4 [TOP]

Transcoding MKV containers using avconv to MP4, so that the files can be processed with Adobe Premiere. The following command copies the video stream (should already be in h264) and convert all audio streams to AAC. All audio streams are sampled to 6 channels (even if the source is only stereo).

493 mp4

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In the new Windows 11 release 22H2 which will be rolled out to customers in autumn this year, Microsoft plans to roll out a new Windows Explorer version having a new navigation pane and tabs. In the Windows Insider Channels "Dev" and "Beta" you can already test this new File Explorer version.As soon as you have this new Windows Explorer, Veracrypt is no more able to open "Open File"/"Open Directory" dialogs like "Select File...", "Add Files..." or "Add Path..." in the Keyfiles dialog. Veracrypt freezes (or maybe enters an endless loop?) and does not respond anymore. Drag and drop instead of opening a dialog still works without any problem.The issue occurs on all of my three PCs with Windows Insider builds and I also know from other Windows Insiders, that they have the same problem.Please see the three attached files. In "veracrypt3.mp4" "Keine Rückmeldung" means "Not responding".

I had the same problem after KB5019980. Yesterday I installed the new cumulative update KB5020044. KB5020044 seems to fix the problem - the file-open dialog appears again immediately after clicking "Select File" or "Keyfiles". 041b061a72


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