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Billie Eilish - Watch

This concert marks the end of the "Happier Than Ever" tour for Billie Eilish as she performs at the O2 arena in London. Apple is heavily promoting the concert, so it isn't difficult to find where to watch.

Billie Eilish - watch

Apple Music is a subscription service available for $10 per month for individuals, $15 per month for families, or via any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle. Subscribe and tune into the concert for a live performance, or watch the recording later within the app.

Fans of the musician were excited to learn that Eilish would be making her acting debut though, when many tuned in to watch the series, they were shocked by just how horrifying the horror truly was. With the show notes suggesting an innocent journey following the devoted fan of a fictional pop icon as she embarks on a cross-country journey, the manifestation of this was far more dark.

Swarm is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive series so is available to watch only on Prime Video. All seven episodes making up the show's first season were released on Friday 17 March and are available to stream at no additional charge for Prime members.

So settle in for a welcome jolt of Tiny Desk innovation, not to mention two of the excellent standalone singles Billie Eilish has released in the past year: "my future" and "everything i wanted." And, seriously, be sure to watch until the very end.

Once you're subscribed, you'll be able to watch "Swarm" using the Amazon Prime Video app on any smart TV, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or through the Prime Video website on any web browser. Episodes can even be downloaded to your account to watch later without needing an internet connection.

Are you interested in watching Eilish's latest work? Are you unsure how to find it, given the various different ways movies are being released in 2021? We've gathered everything you'll need to know to find, stream, and enjoy Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles concert film.

Happier Than Ever is streaming on Disney+ starting September 3, which will be the only way to watch the film in the foreseeable future. The Billie Eilish concert film is available to regular Disney+ subscribers at no extra cost; it is not a Premier Access film like other new Disney+ movies.

Eilish's musical work, from the album version of Happier Than Ever to previous, acclaimed works like WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, is available wherever you get music, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play, Tidal, and more. You can watch Eilish's many creative music videos on her YouTube channel. And you can stream the documentary film about Eilish, Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry, on Apple TV+.

Another reason the series has drawn interest from fans is that Malia Obama is also part of the writing room. Also, the first reviews of the show have been very positive, so if you want to watch the show, check out here and how.

Swarm premiered on March 17 and has been the topic of discussion ever since. If you're still not sold on Janine Nabers and Donald Glover's new buzzy Bey Hive-inspired limited series on Amazon, I'll give you 15 reasons you must watch right now!

Fishback plays a very awkward girl and former foster child named Andrea; Dre for short. Dre is a devoted fan/antihero who commits heinous acts and goes to the extreme to defend her favorite artist's prestigious name. Swarm can be pretty disturbing to watch at times and that only plays into how well Fishback portrayed her character. I had to watch her in Judas and the Black Messiah to get Dre's twisted persona out of my mind.

It's pretty obvious that the Beyoncé references were intentional in this series, so being able to spot them became a fun mini-game I played while watching the series. From the similarities to Bey's OTR II tour and Black is King, to the comparisons made between Beyoncé and Solange, Swarm didn't skip a beat.

Swarm is a brutally honest read about the exploration of celebrity worship and how those fans/supporters can quickly turn their adoration into obsession due to the attachment they have to the celebrities. Celebrity worship is hollow and provides enough social commentary worthy of conversation after watching.

Swarm is best looked at as a slashing psychological thriller. Dre's triggered rampage makes for riveting television with monologues from her that truly spook me at times. The horror caused by a Black woman through social media watching and celebrity obsession leads to spellbinding performances all over. 041b061a72


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