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A dream to help secure the future of the next generation.

Originally publish on Dec. 15, 2020

by Fabian Augustus

As the chasm between the 1% and everyone else widens, the necessity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grows. While the Federal Reserve prints an unending supply of dollars, their Ponzi scheme is exposed everyday. As countries like China, Russia and those in the European Union extracate themselves from the iron grip of the American empire, U.S. leaders throw away the security of generations of Americans. When there appeared to be no future for so many, along came Bitcoin. When banks offered little to no interest, along came DeFi. When corporations started stealing artist's rights to their own intellectual property, along came NFT's. What will blockchain technology and smart contracts save next? This is something made almost impossible to predict because their are so many rights that have been stolen from citizens of the United States of America. The right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all but non-existent for far too many in this country and the world. When 40 million plus live in the richest nation ever known in history and face food insecurity on a daily basis, how could the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even be considered a part on the American ethos? While it may be too late for the generation whose complicity has allowed the corruption of America's leadership to persist from the highest office in the land down to such local authorities as home owners associations, subsequent generations can be provided with a more promising future. It is this belief that has driven me to conceptualize Cryptomorrow, an ecosystem that offers the security, freedom and sovereignty that has been eroded over the past century. Below is a description of the Cryptomorrow ecosystem which is under consideration for a Fund3 grant from Project Catalyst which is offered from the Cardano Foundation. Overview Description The scope of Cryptomorrow is to onboard and educate the next generation of cryptocurrency users through the use of games, books, music and any other form of entertainment that can be created, bought and traded on a blockchain network. Kids under the age of 18 (eighteen) will have to attain a parent or guardian's permission to play the game. Cryptomorrow, however is not just about games as it will also seek to encourage and educate the next generation about cryptocurrency, while also mitigating the issues that centralized monetary systems have created, are creating and will create. Goals Cryptomorrow will seek to incentivise subsequent generations of blockchain and cryptocurrency users to learn more about these technologies. To this end, Cryptomorrow will create games for kids under the age of 18 (eighteen) years that incentivise players with in-game tokens (CTIG) that mature into real-world tokens (ADA) once the player reaches the age of 18 (eighteen) years. Cryptomorrow will also seek to develop a Cryptomorrow Community that will set up, maintain and monitor an escrow account on a blockchain containing the real world funds which will be made available to those players turning 18 (eighteen) years of age. A) The escrow account will be funded through the sell of goods and services made available on a separate platform (an opensource version of Amazon, Etsy, etc.). B) Content creators, service providers or vendors will be incentivised to sell on the platform because of the exposure their product(s) or service(s) will receive on the platform. Content providers will be given the choice of paying to list their intellectual property, real estate, etc. on the platform at a discounted rate or list it on consignment. If listed on consignment, percentage every sell (which will be greater than the cost of paying upfront fees) will go to fund the escrow account responsible for the conversion from in-game tokens (CTIG) to real-world tokens. Through a governance token (CTGT), the Cryptomorrow Community will maintain a balance between the in-game tokens (CTIG) and the real-world tokens to insure an equitable payout for those players who turn 18 (eighteen) years old and any players turning 18 (eighteen) years of age in subsequent years. It is the goal of Cryptomorrow to insure that those players who turn 18 (eighteen) years old before other players are not allowed to convert an amount of real-world tokens that would set up a real-world imbalance in token distribution amongst Cryptomorrow players. In other words, Cryptomorrow will seek out an equality of opportunity for all of its players. Through the Cryptomorrow governance token (CTGT), the Cryptomorrow Community will consider and vote on proposals for an equitable means to convert the in-game tokens (CTIG) available to those players who turn 18 (eighteen) years of age. Possible proposals could include (but are not limited to) the following: A) The equitable means of conversion could be made possible through the use of weighting the value of the real-world token against the projected value of the real-world token used for conversion. In this scenario, the player might be given to the option to convert at 18 (eighteen) years old or postpone the conversion to a specified date with some incentivizing mechanism in place. B) The in-game tokens (CTIG) might include a means to burn tokens as a way to increase the value of the in-game tokens (CTIG), so that when players reach 18 (eighteen) years of age they may receive more real-world tokens than those players who turned 18 (eighteen) years old in previous years. Note - Both of these methods of making in-game to real-world token conversions equitable would not only have to be more fully defined, but also voted upon by the Cryptomorrow Community. Cryptomorrow will contain age-appropriate levels of game play and to insure that players stay within their age-appropriate level, they will be incentivized through birthday bonuses and/or other perks that unlock subsequent levels in the game. To insure that a player started playing Cryptomorrow while under the age of 18 (eighteen) years old, there will be some mechanism for the player to prove their age once they turn 18 (eighteen). The mechanism by which a player proves their age will be determined by proposals set forth and agreed upon by the Cryptomorrow Community. If the player cannot prove their age in a timeframe determined by the Cryptomorrow Community, that player's in-game (CTIG) tokens will be burned. This burning of invalidated in-game tokens (CTIG) will have the effect of increasing the value of all other in-game (CTIG) tokens that remain in the Cryptomorrow ecosystem. There will be a means to alert all players of the increase in the value of their in-game (CTIG) tokens, due to the burning of the invalidated in-game tokens (CTIG) as described above. The items listed above will be refined as the primary scope of this proposal with the three main components (Cryptomorrow Community, Cryptomorrow exchange/escrow smart contract and Cryptomorrow game for younger gamers) designed and developed. Testing may begin under this proposal but will not be finalized under the Project Catalyst Fund3. The majority of funds procured under Fund3 will be used to further design the components listed above and develop the smart contracts and token necessary for the project. Other funds will be used to build a team of developers and marketing professionals to expose Cryptomorrow to kids who will play the games and the benefactors who want to secure the future of their beneficiaries. It is the goal of Miksons Entertainment, LLC to create a co-op where all team members have the same rights when deciding the direction of the company and are compensated in an just and fair manner.

If you would like to volunteer your services as a a Dapp or blockchain developer or as a marketing or public relations professional to get the word out about Cryptomorrow, please contact Chris Ossman at (305) 903-9982 and help build the future for the next generation as we build our own futures together as Miksons Entertainment, LLC will be a co-op in which you will prosper.

For the reasons listed above and many more, I wrote my book “Solutions: Enough complaining. Let’s fix America.”, which is as necessary today as it is relevant. Get yours today and see why, even in these times, I am optimistic about the future.

If you would like to see viable solutions that our current leaders are failing to put forth, purchase "Solutions..."

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