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Climate change isn't our only environmental problem Vol. 1: Food: Part 2: What happened to boycotts?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

While we do need to eat, do we need to eat everything?

Do you really need to eat a Big Mac? Maybe it's not such a good idea to allow a corporation such as McDonald's to dictate the way in which our cows are raised and slaughtered. For one, delegating these responsibilities to the whims a of a corporation has led to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). You know where, what will be your future food stand in it's own feces it's entire life: one filled with steroids and antibiotics to prevent disease. And, speaking about that manure, its runoff poisons the air and water in those communities these CAFOs operate. Maybe we concerned about more that lead-poisoned water supplies in cities like Flint Michigan. I'm not diminishing Flint's plight here, I'm trying to highlight the fact that our problems extend well past the issues corporate news is allowed to expose.

As far as CAFOs are concerned, they offer us more than just an unsustainable means and dangerous way to grow food. They're inhuman in how the animals are treated: Sick animals are moved around with fork lifts, they do after all weigh close to a ton, and, I guess it;s alright since they will eventually get poked by forks anyway. These are just bigger forks. Don't believe me, watch the movie Cowspiracy. Don't believe that movie? Hoohle "Oprah sued for disparaging a burger". Still don't believe there's something fishy about our Food industry? Ask yourself why it would be made illegal for anyone to talk about the Food industry in the Patriot Act. Look it up and do a little digging. or remain oblivious, it's your choice... or is it?

Again I ask, do you really need to eat at McDonald's, because while eating there may make you feel gooey inside, both literally and figuratively, it in no way improves your life. On the other hand, not eating it would. All you need do is stop eating in the shadow of the golden arches. And, since absolutely no one's life is dependent upon eating at McDonald's, maybe we all stop eating there at the same time. More on that shortly. I stopped eating there years ago (for my own reasons) and I'm still alive. Imagine if billions of us stopped eating at McDonald's and we're still alive the next day to tell the tale.

Side note: Whatever happened to boycotts? While we're at it whatever happened to protests in general. It's as if we've all been put in a situation where we have so much debt, we have little to no time for anything else... Oh, I get it now. Create a bunch of wage slaves who believe the only way to survive is to keep your head down, accept the benevolence of your leaders and blame your neighbors for all the negative impacts created by all of the shit that only the rich control. Consider this, someone you've never met and most likely never will meet controls what you eat, what you drink, what you do and say and how broke you will die. Who out there knows any of the people who own Walmart, even in those small towns that have become impoverished by a Walmart stores that put all of the mom and pop shops out of business then closed down, leaving a plurality, if not majority of the community unemployed. Ironic how the employees of those Walmarts couldn't afford the Walmart products on poverty wages, requiring the Walmart to close down. Even with the nearly million dollar subsidy that every Walmart received indirectly due to the food stamps and SNAP its employees needed to survive every year.

Now, if no one needs to eat McDonald's, let's make that our first boycott. If no one ate there, that would make news and it would send a message to all corporations, especially those that manufacture luxury goods that we don't need either. Of course this would never happen. This is why I call myself an Optimistic-pessimist. I know Humanity can make the World a better place, but I also know it won't. And the sad thing is, that a one-day boycott might be all it took to send a lasting message to all corporations. This some we need to do sooner than later, because we are losing our sovereignty day by day.

And, if you don't think the rich are seeking more ways in which to control the rest of us, ask yourself why Bill Gates would own more farmland than anyone else. I've never seen that guy in a pair of overalls in my life, so why would he want to own more farmland than any one else in America? It seems like it would be a lot of responsibility and work to own something upon which everyone on Earth relies?.. Oh. I get it. If you own all of a thing that everyone needs to survive, you own everyone through a single degree of separation. you best Kevin Bacon by five degrees. While we're on the subject of Kevin Bacon and Food, imagine if he had a son named Chris Paul.

Anyway, boycotting McDonald's is one practical solution to stop the ever-increasing tyranny under which we all live. This is just one of the types of solutions offered in my book "Solutions. Enough complaining. Let's fix America." Get your copy here and learn how to stop the erosion of our rights (and more) before it's too late.

Wage Slave - A person who relinquishes their freedom for at least 8 hours/day, has no control of how that time is spent and no control over their healthcare and may have to stay in a position they hate to keep the healthcare offered by their employer.

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