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Eye opener for August 12, 2023

It seems to me that, here in America, we are losing our grasp with reality and the social cohesiveness that comes with it.

When your Society is finding it more difficult to define the sexes of your species even when using a biological basis, there is something askew with your Society's thinking. You can define yourself however you want but the rest of Society shouldn't be mandated to agree with your self-assessment.

This issue of gender is a threat to the majority of people on the planet but not in the way some would have us believe. It is not a threat in and of itself, but it is a threat in the fact that it serves to distract from the greater problems we all face today.

The same way in which the debate about racism is a threat to resolving existential threats faced by Humanity so too does this debate about how people identify. Is gender identity more important than wealth inequality? In my opinion it is not. Just as ending racism which I think is never going to happen will not feed the millions of people facing food insecurity, neither will forcing others to accept your pronouns.

While figuring out the gender question is necessary, it is not necessary for life on Earth so it should not be one of the most publicized issues of our time. The world and it's resources are being stolen from us all and we are fighting over what could be relegated to an abstract idea. I say abstract because we are fighting for a person's right to identify as whatever they want whenever they want which would seem to have some very odd implications when you consider the possible impacts on systems like the Justice system. If someone uses a defense for murder as being that they identified as a lion during the murders, how do we prosecute such a claim? One the one hand, we put down zoo animals that kill people, even when the person goes into the animal's enclosure. They don't even get a trial. And who's to say the lion/person's claimed identity is any less valid than a person who claims to be female one day, male the next and something completely different the day after that.

Even writing about this issue in this post has taken up too time that could have been better spent discussing the proxy war that seems to be escalating between America/Ukraine and Russia and the war that seems to be brewing between America/Taiwan and China and America/France and Niger/other African nations.

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