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Eye opener for August 13, 2023

Could it really just be irony that, no matter what disasters occur around the World, the rich get richer?

Whether a natural disaster, earthquake, fire, flood, famine, disease, oligarchs around the globe get richer. I know I call Bill Gates out a lot, but he is the poster child for this example. During the COVID pandemic, Gates made $500 billion dollars on a $50 billion dollar investment in vaccines that he pushed across the globe.

Also, during, the COVID lockdowns in America many small businesses went under, opening up their respective markets for the rich to enter at a much lower price point.

Whether an unnatural disaster, 9/11, the 2008 economic collapse or the train derailment in Palestine Ohio, the rich get get richer. At least two of the banks CEOs that played a part in the Great Recession have personally become billionaires since 2008. This is yet to be determined, but I would be willing to bet that days to weeks after the train derailment in East Palestine would have been a good time to buy stock in Norfolk Southern. Just as it would have been financially beneficial to buy BP stock shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some people believe there is a conspiracy to bring Earth's population down to it carrying capacity. The ideal number of humans to ihabit Earth in this conspiracy varies l, but the lowest I heard is 500 million which is a bit more than the 300 plus Americans and a lot less than the 8 billion people alive today. The premise upon which this conspiracy is based is that Earth cannot provide enough resources to allow for the existence of 8 billion or more people on its surface. First off, if Earth can't sustain that many people it will seek equilibrium which will lead to a lot of suffering short term but a balance in the long run. A more important point for most people alive today however would be to consider that everything being done to reduce the population might simply be simple expressions of GREED: Greed for power, money and resources. Take your pick, because ultimately, it doesn't matter because they all boil down to the fact that some insanely rich person wants to take your money, property and freedoms away for their selfish needs.

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