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Eye opener for August 16, 2023

Allowing for wealth inequality to the extent to which it exists in the world today allows the elite to treat life like a game.

If you're a billionaire, the only scenario in which you can lose is when another billionaire or group of billionaires come after you. Despite there being laws to prevent maleficent behavior, we must admit that oftentimes, enforcement does NOT apply to the rich. As proof, I submit the following: If you create a fraudulent credit card account and steal thousands of dollars and get caught, you go to jail. If however you create millions of fraudulent credit card accounts or steal millions or billions of dollars, you face fines that are less than the profits made from that fraud. In the latter scenario, the richer the accomplice, the less likely they will face any jail time for this crime.

Bank of America committing credit card fraud

Wells Fargo caught numerous times committing credit card fraud and more

Other instances of the wealthy making more profit than the fines they pay for their crimes are The Sacler family which owns Purdue which sold Oxy Cotin which killed more people every year than died in the tens years of the Vietnam war.

Koch Industries which is owned by the political activists Koch Brothers constantly gets fined for environmental crimes, but the Koch's go on and fund politicians with policies that favor deregulation.

Stories about the rich getting away with figurative and literal murder abound, but there are far fewer stories of the rich paying for their crimes, especially in a substantive manner. They won't, or more likely can't stop themselves from ruining life for so many, so it's up to the masses to do so. Politicians do what they are coerces or forces to do. The rich coerce them with money, the masses most force them to act with our numbers. Get into the streets and peacefully make your leaders feel the pressure. If they don't comply, vote them out until you end up with leadership that aligns with your values and beliefs.

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