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Eye opener for August 21, 2023

Some may view my distrust as simply being jaded with age, but I truly believe that Humanity is at a tipping point. A tipping point that is cyclical in nature, I believe we have been here several times throughout history.

The evidence of such cycles has been presented by insightful people like "The Fate of Empires" by John Bigot Glubb.

or "War is a Racket" by Major General Medley Butler, a book written by one of the most decorated military leaders in American history which details and exposed the true ends to war. For a bit of context, Butler actually exposed an attempted coup against the FDR and the Government of the United States by elites like J.P. Morgan and other robber barons in 1933.

As for how the past predicting the future, it may not do so in a perfect manner. While the details may differ, the outcomes for far too many are often the same. When power, money and resources are concentrated in the hands of a few, benevolence is rarely the prevailing sentiment or intention.

Given the negative outcomes seen throughout history, it falls upon us, the previous generation to inform and warn the next generation of the possible impacts that men and women of power have had throughout the ages. It is up to us to point out the trends we see, whether they be good or more importantly bad as they portend for Mankind's future. It is up to the older generation to provide hope for the younger generations who might only feel a sense of futility in any actions that oppose the few who seek to dominate the many.

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