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Eye opener for August 22, 2023

A few months back, as I was drive south from Miami to the Keys, I questioned who would be renting all of the apartments/condos being built in the city and along the turnpike.

This was more of a rhetorical question because I had my suspicions or more accurately, my beliefs. Now, I have more than my beliefs as what I thought should and would happen is actually starting to happen.

For years now, I have tried to open my fellow American's eyes to the fact the "What's coming is coming," meaning that in general life is going to get worse for those who choose to ignore reality. More specifically, I was warning that the rich would continue in their pursuit to confiscate your wealth. I warned that it mattered little to the elite whether that confiscation was sustainable or not because if they weren't actively stealing from someone, someone would be stealing from them. A mentality that has festered and grown to the point at which the elite appear as callous and out of touch as the elite that held power before the French revolution.

When a Society expects most of its citizens to pay more for the necessities of life (food, water, shelter, etc) than most citizens make in wages, that Society has failed most of its citizens. Now, given that a Society can only be sustained by the citizens belief in said Society, said Society ceases to exist when too many citizens stop believing in that Society. Collapse is imminent and those who have been in power are too stupid to realize it and those who have had blind faith in those in power are to ignorant stop it.

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