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Eye opener for August 24, 2023

Consider this: The majority of humans in the planet have no clue as to how cell phones work, yet modern life seems to revolve around this technology.

Think about that for a moment and realize that so many people around the world hold in their hand or store in a pocket or purse, the means to communicate with most people around the globe, but Society feels more disparate than ever. Global leaders like Biden and Putin don't seem to be able to communicate but Biden is helping push Ukraine towards annihilation as the Ukranian death exceeds 500,000.

Next, consider a technology that has had a major impact on the entire planet. Gain of function research is looking more and more like the culprit in the worldwide pandemic that was caused by COVID-19, yet this type of research continues to this day. Few understand what gain of function is and even fewer understand the ramifications of such research getting out of hand.... If a majority did realize it's threat, it would be banned and anyone conducting it would be criminalized and imprisoned... But Fauci is still at large (roaming freely).

Now, consider technologies that even fewer people understand. Quantum computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.) which Google and NASA (amongst (others) are attempting to combine. The possibility of these technologies having a negative impact on the world is emmence in isolation (from themselves and the world). So, consider an A.I. that can think like a human: here are A.I. writing college-level term papers, picking stocks. There is even an A.I. that has replaced the CEO of a software company and improved that company's value ever since. Couple an entity such as A.I. with a computing with abilities beyond any computer built to date and you could end up with a technology that outpaces mankind's ability to contain and control it in a short period of time. This is scary, but what's scarier is how few people are really taking noticr of such a possible outcome and how even fewer are voicing any concern. Just remember, you were forewarned.

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