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Eye opener for August 27, 2023

The irony of Joe Biden's presidency couldn't be more apparent then in America's standing internationally.

While stupid Americans voted for Biden because they thought he would avoid or reverse the terrible policies they brlieved Trump would push for and/or enact, Biden has secretly and openly pushed for and/or enacted them: From nudging the retirement up to privatizing social security to comparing the death and destruction caused by the Maui fires to almost losing a cat and a Corvette domestically to a proxy war with Russia and reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia internationally, Biden has been the disaster all of the main stream media cried Trump would be as president. And then there's Biden's hypocrisy and corrupt ties to his sin... I mean son Hunter which has negatively impacted America at homeless... I mean home and abroad.

Of all the terrible things that Biden has brought onto America, few can arguably be more ironic than his impact on the B.R.I.C.S. allegiance of nations. Whether intentional (doubtful) or not (more likely), Biden has pushed both American allies and enemies alike further away and closer together, respectively.

From Saudi Arabia, which has helped sustain the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency with the petrodollar for decades to pushing China and India and Russia and Turkey closer to one another, Biden's presidency has only weakened America economically. While a weakener economy would be an issue for any country, it is doubly so for the bastion of Capitalism. America's strength on the global stage is based on its ability to dominate and manipulate markets around the world. B.R.I.C.S. however represents a larger part of Earths economy which is one of the reasons 140 nations are seeking membership. B.R.I.C.S. also seeks to conduct trade in a currency other than the U.S. Dollar which goes a long way given the number of countries upon which America has placed sanctions. If America wantsvtovtake it's ball away, why play with America?

Oh, the irony that the Hell to which so many ignorant Americans thought Trump would condemn the United States befalling my country right now under the worst person it could have as either as a figurative or literal leader.

As American and the hegemy of other western countries fades and a unipolar world becomes a multipolar one, I wonder if the dummies who vote "red until they're dead", or more importantly (for reasons I discuss in other posts) the dummies who "vote blue no matter who" will ever realize that neither party works for them... That is unless they're a millionaire or better yet a billionaire or better still a multi billionaire.

As I point out in my articles, posts and book "Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America",

the masses need to get into the streets and protest. Historically, it has not been voting every four years for president that has caused the greatest change in America. It has been people in the streets. Women's suffrage, Civil rights, Unions and all other major changes in America have occurred because the masses threatened to remove leaders from office if they failed to act in accordance with the will of the People.

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