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Eye opener for August 3, 2023

As the signs of the demise of the American Empire compound, I wonder if the people who have either called or thought of me as a doomsayer still think I was being hyperbolic when I told them how bad things would get. I wonder if, when I explained to those same people that I self-identified as an Optimistic-pessimist (as defined in the R.A.D. dictionary

that they now understand why I believed most metrics of American life for most Americans was trending in a negative direction.

In light of how bad things have gotten in America and around the world, I wonder if the people I've tried to wake up for more than a decade now understand why I was so adament about the need to ignore things like the Kardashians, the Bachelor and the plethora of other mind-numbing distractions that allow one to ignore impending wars with nuclear powers, unsustainable open borders, trillions of Dollars pushing the U.S. towards hyperinflation, foreign policy that pushes alliea away and enemies towards one another?

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