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Eye opener for August 6, 2023

After seven decades, you would think America's leadership would realize that war is not the answer to world peace and failed wars aren't the driver of economic growth.

After four decades of Joe Biden's racist,l political career and policies, you would think American voters would have turned away from him, at least black American voters. I guess propagating ignorance has its benefits.

After America's arguable peak in the 1980s, you would think constituents of political leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and more who have served as elected officials since that decade would realize that life in America and the world has only gotten worse. Americans couldn't bury their heads deeper in the sand.

After being awarded the Nobel PEACE prize after bombing a previous winner of the Nobel PEACE prize ( you would think people around the world would realize that few if any institutions like the NOVEL committee have any real values and that nothing our world leaders say has any validity. You couldn't write a more unbelievable conspiracy against Humanity for a Hollywood movie.

After so many instances of terrorist plots supposedly planned by Americans, against America turning out to be false flags from agencies like the FBI ( you would think America's would have a modicum of scepticism and a lot of cynicism about claims alleged about the January 6th "attacks" on the Capitol.

It occurs to me that we are incapable of saving ourselves. World leaders use distractions like Social media, transgender rights, climate change to transfer wealth through war, diminish and eliminate rights like the freedom of speech through censorship and poison our habitate by dumping chemicals in our drinking water, killing food supplies worldwide and making housing out of reach for far too many citizens.

When one demographic of your planet owes another MUCH smaller demographic trillions of dollars even though you all live on the same planet, there is probably no way that your solution can be found on said planet. In other words, if the debt of your planet exceeds the value of your planet, is that debt even valid? Would an alien interested in buying Earth be interested in buying it when Earth is so under water? On a micro level would you buy a home that had more debt attached to it than the house was worth?

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