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Eye opener for August 7, 2023

Do the current batch of world leaders deserve their status? The President of what is arguably the most powerful nation in the world clearly suffers from some type of mental deficiency. Nerds (which is not a bad thing in and of itself) hold too much power and have achieved and maintained such power in such nefarious ways as to deem them more malevolent than not. Banks steal more money than any bank robber throughout history and giant corporations control everything needed for the survival of Humanity.

Joe Biden cannot speak properly and forgets far too many words and phrases for him to be considered an effective or even sufficient representative. He has stumbled too many times and got lost on too many stages for him to be viewed as anything but feeble-minded and he has never chosen peace over war. And, before anyone comments Afghanistan was not Biden choosing peace, it was America tucking tail and running. Now before anyone comments about my view on America's clumsy withdrawal from Afghanistan, my personal view is that we should have never been in Afghanistan, especially since 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. In his 40 years as an elected official, Biden has exhibited too much racism (his speech lead up to and the 1994 crime bill itself), corruption (the evidence of his underhanded dealings with foreign nations is overwhelming) and his dishonesty (he had to end a a prebious campaign for president after being caught plagiarizing famous speeches... TWICE!) and he is belligerent to those with differing views. The worst thing about Biden's bad leadership is that he is not alone in the obvious mental degradation of which he is suffering: Nancy Pelosi slurs every other word, Diane Feinstein doesn't know where she is and Mitch McConnell had a stroke on national TV )

Bill Gates basically stole D.O.S. to launch Microsoft. He owns more farmland (maybe not since his divorce) than anyone else in America. He used his influence to push the COVID vaccine and once he made $500 million on his $50 million dollar investment he told everyone mandating the vaccine was neither needed nor an effective way to stop COVID. He did this as he pushed for a nasal spray against COVID in which is is now invested. Bill Gates funds organizations that seek to take away the sovereignty of various nations through nefarious means. He's been caught lying about flying to Jeffery Epstein's pedophile island.

Jeff Bezos has been caught stealing ideas from other sellers on his Amazon platform by selling the same product for less than those sellers ever could. What good could come from two people like Gates and Bezos controlling those things necessary to sustain life?

Banks and the CEOs controlling them have only grown larger since crashing the economy and leading to the Great Recession. Two banks CEOs of note are Jaime Dimon (JP Morgan) and Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs) both became billionaires AFTER the great recession. If those aren't perfect examples of failing up, what would be? Like the saying goes "If you want rob a bank, buy a bank." Wells Fargo and Bank of America have both been fined for opening credit card accounts for customers who never opened said accounts. Both have had to pay $100 to billions in fines due to their corrupt practices, but few if any have gone to jail.

Privately owned businesses are getting rich off of everything Humans need to survive: Food, water, shelter (corporations are buying and driving up housing prices and rents). Even the means with with we mete out justice has been made profitable. If profit is the motivation for incarceration, those who incarcerate others will push to make more things illegal, whether they're justified or not. Just look at the cases of the judges sent to prison for incarcerating more juveniles to help a private prison corporation fill it's junivile detention centers.

People need to wake up because turning out backs on the problem or burying our heads in the proverbial sand does not lead to a better or brighter future. It only leads to more corruption and suffering for more people. There are solutions out there. Some are offered in my book Solutions, which can be bought in paperback here. or purchased for Android phones here. which contains live links to all videos, articles and interviews referenced in the book.

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