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Eye opener for July 12, 2023

Something to consider about the world in which we live today.

Over the thousands of years in which mankind has evolved to the point at which we now exist, our technological advancements have been relatively steady and readily understandable to the majority. It's also felt as if it served to benefit Humanity in the long run. Even technology as malevolent as nuclear fusion and fission had impacts that mankind has, for the most part has used in benevolent ways. Nuclear energy has proven to be a beneficial intermediate l, if not permanent step towards energy independence. Of course there have been trajic setbacks, but on balance nuclear energy continues to be a viable alternative on Humanity's arc towards enlightenment.

Now, consider the advancements made since those terrible bombs were dropped in Japan. While our means to communicate have growns exponentially, our willingness to do so has done the opposite. Leaders in America refuse to speak to leaders of certain other countries that have nuclear capabilities. This not only seems counterintuitive, but it's start long to feel by design.

As humans develop greater ways with which to destroy all life on Earth, you would think they would also choose to develop strategies with which to avoid such festruction. This however would require a social maturity that today's leaders don't seem to possess, at least not the leaders in the west. As the country with the largest military presence around the planet, you would hope that America would eventually find a way to become a source for good. One would hope that at some point, the citizens of the United States would collectively decide to seek ways in which we could improve the lives of all inhabitants on Earth. Not only would citizens of other countries hope for such enlightenment, but Americans should demand, since America has not won a single war since WWII. Even though the U.S. military is much larger than the next ten militaries on the planet, it has failed to win a single conflict, even those supposedly started for humanitarian reasons or those started "to bring peace or Democracy to a region". It's funny how America continues to assume that ideas like peace and democracy can be achieved through bombs and force... A greater oxymoron could not there be.

On a more local but related level, people must consider how technology has either improved their lives or done the exact opposite. While advances like the cellphone have made it easier for people to communicate, does it seem that we're coming together or drifting further apart? Just look at interactions between men and women, While we've surpassed 8 billion people on Earth, why is there concern about the possibility of population decline in those countries that are economic powerhouses? Why do so few men and women in America (at least) seem to be coming together and creating stable family units? When one can simply push a few buttons to almost instantaneously reach out to someone do we obsess about another person's whereabouts? Why does it feel like people are more isolated with a network that seems to blanket us all than we did when landlines were still a big part of our lives? You know, if you think about it, what would be a better way to isolate people than to give them a technology (like cell phones) that few understood which had the potential interrupt such basic interactions as mating or ideas like caring.

While we have the means to grow closer to one another on a person to person , city to city, nation to nation level, why is it that we only seem more divergent? Maybe we simply haven't sufficiently evolved socially to date or maybe that technology is just not what's best for a properly functioning Society for, while it does allow for greater access to those aspect of our lives that we wish to share, it also allows greater access to parts of our lives that we don't want out there.

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