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Eye opener for July 21, 2023

I presented one of my mottos a few days ago

"The Plight you ignore could be your fate."

This was in reference to my believe that America is heading towards obscurity or at least a vast diminishment on the world stage as it pursues the same things all empires chase near the end of their lifecycle.... Total dominion over the rest of the world or known world as was the case most empires throughout history.

While my quote above has been said in many ways, one being in a quote from Matlryin Niemoller that starts "First they came for..."

As in Niemoller's quote and my belief, this could be said about any aspect of life over which someone or some entitle wish to reine. Whether it be controlling a population deemed as the cause for the downfall of an entire nation or the systemic failure of one's economy, the means to an end are the same... Divide and conquer.

The division of which I am thinking at this moment is the that has been and continues to atomize the American population. It used to be a war on the poor. Those with the least control and the smallest wealth were demonized for causing economic ruin. Never was the argument that the wealthiest amongst were hoarding too much of the ever inflating fiat money being constantly printed. It was always that those who get the smallest slice of the pie we're causing a drag. Even when the private banking system of the Federal Reserve loaned the U.S. government over five trillion dollars which most went into the coffers and vaults of the rich did anyone point out the most likely outcome. Not once did I hear an argument to give that money to the poor or the now defunct middle class so it could stimulate the economy on its way to the coffers and vaults of the elite. Instead, the majority of the largest influx of US dollars in American history avoided stimulating the economy while causing a massive increase in inflation.

In this instance, the plight ignored was that of the poor who were made to suffer for the convenience of the rest of us. The fate that more of us share is the lack to be able to afford to live. Fewer and fewer of have the money necessary to live in the Capitalist hellscape that is 21st century America. Houses cost as much as 2.5 houses cost in the 80s, cars cost as much as a house in the 70s and costs as much as.... Well, let's just say a lot more than far too many Americans can afford. If you're not actually poor, you're house-poot which means far too much of your income simply goes towards your rent or mortgage.

This is where today's eye opener is heading. People who just ten years ago would not have had to worry about their housing costs are finding themselves in similar, if not the same situations as those who have been historically impoverished. Though not a direct comparison, those who would be considered in the upperclass are finding that their children are succumbing to the same issues as the less fortunate... Their kids can't afford to leave home. Well, they can affording if they don't mind spending so much for rent that they can't save for a rainy day or even one with a light drizzle. All of the places they would choose to live cost so much that they could never consider themselves as thriving. They are merely surviving in a nicer location than others. Anecdotally, I listened to their complaints and while I admit to feeling less sympathy, due to their lack of concern until this plight became their fate, I do realize that their claims are no less valid than the ones heard amongst the lower classes for decades.

So, ignore the plight of which you assume yourself immune, but have faith that it took shall be your fate.

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