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Eye opener for July 27, 2023

Whether true or not, it sure feels like global leaders have used dystopian books like "1984" and "A brave new world" as the blueprint for Earth's future.

Control over all life on Earth is converging to an ever-decreasing number of organizations, or people. This is a problem because even if those organizations or people have the most benevolent beliefs and values and intentions who's to say their successors will have the same beliefs, values and intentions.

History is rife with examples of good intentions gone bad. Just look at how many CEOs or leaders with sime other title have gotten rich at the helm of some charity. Consider the case of Charles Feeney, the billionaire who wanted to give way all of his money before he died. Feeney had to create an organization tasked with finding worthy charities to give away his last 1.5 billion dollars. Given the dire state in which we find so many states and cities these days, not being able to find worthy charities not only seems ludicrous on its face but hides an even darker truth. The organization Feeney created had difficulty finding charities it deemed worthy of support. In other words, not only did Feeney have trouble finding worthy charities, but the organization he tasked solely to find worthy charities found it difficult to find worthy charities.

I wrote the above paragraph to make the following point. Right or wrong, I imagine that a majority of charities were not started with the goal of enriching one's self, but stories abound about this or that charity being taken over by some nefarious actor who became ingloriously rich as the Charity's new leader. In those instances, a more decentralized governance could have prevented such maleficence. This too shall be the experience of future generations if the type of centralization pointed out in the following link comes to fruition, because it is NOT the best of us seeking control over other people's lives these days.

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