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Eye opener for July 29, 2023

If climate change is such an issue, why are the loudest voices fighting against climate change not giving up those activities that contribute to climate? They whine about how everyone's carbon footprint is too large and they expect everyone to lower said footprint while they buy carbon offsets to lower their carbon footprint. In other words, they will continue to pollute the planet because they are paying a tax to do so. No matter how you look at it, contributing to climate change, whether you pay for that contribution of not is still contributing to climate change. Why don't they practice what they preach and continue to pay the carbon tax anyway.... If they're so concerned about climate change?

While I used to whole heartedly believe that climate change was real, my doubts began to surface as to the tactics that world leaders are using to stop or at least mitigate it. In a few countries like Ireland and the Netherlands, officials are passing laws to kill two hundred thousand (200,000) and reduce the cattle population by one third over the next few years respectively, I'm a vegetarian, so I have no dog in that fight but it still seems odd to me that their solution is to reduce a good source as the population continues to grow. This is especially perplexing in light of the fact that some of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases are organizations like the United States military. Few if any of those climate change warriors are trying to shut down the over 800 U.S. bases around the globe. Instead they want to reduce a commodity upon which mankind's survival depends. Yeah, we can eat bugs and plants, but will they do the same. From the examples of climate change warriors flying on private jets, I doubt it. I think they'll just pay the tax to eat red meat.

Now, what I do believe the masses should be paying closer attention to is the ways in which the elites are destroying the only survivable habitat the Human race has ever known. The climate like the planets, meteors, the magnetic poles and all of the other ways the Universe can wipe mankind out has cycles and when the time is right one of those disasters will end mankind's rein. Until then however we might want to stop the elites from destroying our communities water that is polluted with industrial run off, and the monoculture of growing corn everywhere all the time for everything. Look at the recycling scam which corporations were getting paid billions to handle but chose instead to ship it to other countries. Now that those other countries are refusing our garbage, it is going into landfills... Not being recycled.

Just look around, you can still believe in climate change, which is beginning to resemble the claims made by a particular religion that stated the year 2000 was end times, but you'd better be paying attention to the things you need to survive today. The production of food, water, shelter and other necessities for life like healthcare be insensitivize by profit. Profit only attracts the greedy and the greediest amongst us will kill, directly or more like indirectly to satiate the desire for money and the power that comes with it.

Of course you could continue to ignore the evil that the wealthy have brought upon the world, but look at how that work out for the most of us so far.

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