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Eye opener for July 4, 2023

Instead of working against one another for our divergent views, opinions and beliefs, maybe we should work together on those things upon which we can agree.

Maybe the biggest companies in the world have enough money and we should nationalize them for the greater good. It might be time to stop allowing the few to hold dominion over the many, because increasing inequality does not a sustainable society make. It definitely cannot help a civilization grow but forces it to contract because because a plurality, if not majority will not thrive and can therefore not contribute to a Society's growth. It's like having a car with eight cylinders only running on four... The true power of that car is not available.

This analogy plays out in America is an unavoidable way when you look at the two frontrunners for the Presidency. American voters will most likely be presented the same two candidates with which they were presented four years ago and the only real difference between them is the way in which they made their immoral risches. And, the media will try to convince voters that one of them is the best option to lead the United States of America. Now, if you believe that eirher Joe Biden or Donald Trump is the absolute best choice, you have really low standards or you've been conditioned to believe your "team" (red or blue) is correct. You've been conditioned to believe that voting for the lesser of two evils will somehow end in voting for something good. The truth is that voting for the lesser of two evils ends in voting for an evil... Just a lesser evil.

So, instead of believe that Biden's and his family's corruption is better than Trump's and his family's corruption, why not believe that there is a better alternative. Hell, voting for neither the Democratic nor Republican candidate is a better alternative, because it gives third party candidates a better chance, if not to win, to at least steer the conversation and possibly, the government's policies and laws in a direction that benefits more than one percent of the population. Imagine Robert Kennedy Jr. debating the problem of forced lockdowns and mandated experimental vaccines with whomever represents the red or blue team. Imagine Cornel West questioning the logic of send 100s of billions of dollars to Ukraine when we have so many homeless people starving on our streets. On a personal level, imagine your taxes going down because this nation chose to demand less from you as opposed to giving billions in refunds to billionaires who profited in the millions and corporations that profited in the billions. Of course taxing millionaires and billionaires won't fix all of the World's financial problems, but decades of taxing them more might.

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