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Eye opener for July 7, 2023

We need the knowledge of our ancestors. Americans don't know how to feed, clothe or shelter ourselves. Few citizens in the United States know how to raise crops or animals for food.

People like Bill Gates are buying up all of the farmland in America. Imagine the mindset that someone who is already one of the richest people in the world would have to have to want to control something as vital as the food supply. That same person (Bill Gates) might also manipulate the populace into taking a mostly untested vaccine in order to profit to the tune of half a billion dollars then dall bad about the vaccine while seeking to profit off a nasal inhaler. There is no way in hell one person should have so much control over a life giving necessity like food, but Bill Gates does.

There is no way that anyone should control any commodity upon which the Human race relies for it's survival. This however is the world in which we currently live. In my youth TV dinners were oftentimes the meal of choice for so many working class families. Today however, even those convenient frozen meals take too long to make. Regardless of whether you loved, hated or only ate the brownies, TV dinners are rarely chosen today. The microwave cooks in minutes what used to take an hour or more. Americans have little to no idea where their food comes from today. I wouldn't be surprised if some even thought chickens were grown boneless. It's a scary thought given how many people face food insecurity in America and the world that so few can grow the things needed for a nutritious meal.

It's also shocking how few people could provide their own shelter. Even a temporary shelter is beyond most people's skillset. With homelessness rising so fast in America, you would think people who have yet to be put out on the street would figure out ways to avoid being exposed to the elements. I guess there will be a tipping point when the homeless population will outweigh the money clout and power that influences those elected officials who ban camping.

Now, I understand people getting rich off of luxury goods. No one needs a designer purse or shoes. No one needs to live in a mansion and no one needs to eat caviar or drive a Lambo, but people do need the low end versions of all of these things in the modern world. Why should the resource (money) necessary to buy the low end versions be something that fewer and fewer people can attain. Why should it be that the few get richer and richer off of these things, making it even harder to afford the very thing they are selling? Does this sound fair? Does it even sound sustainable?

Maybe I sound like an idiot since I am also constrained to the same Capitalism in which everyone loves, but consider this. Given the current trend, we will all be buying food from Microsoft or it's equivalent and soon we'll be paying for Bill Gates bottles air. If this sounds ridiculous, remember that it wasn't too long ago that the idea of bottled water sounded ridiculous.

The world is closing in on a great reset. If those in power now are allowed to dictate the manner in which this reset occurs, life will revert back to neo-feudalism then neo-slavery... They are after all trying to keep wages stagnant or put them into a decline while prices increases almost daily. They aren't even trying to hide their plans anymore... They're all over the internet spewing their Dr. Evil plans for Society. Listen to the World Economic Forum. Listen to Charles Schwab. Listen to the CEO of Nestle a few years back when he said that "... not all people are deserving of clean drinking water.". Who needs to be concerned about climate change when they're being told that they will be deprived of clean drinking water?

Maybe people should look to their ancestors to figure out ways to survive without the need of some billionaire providing the means to do so. Maybe we need to re-aquire skills of forefathers and mothers used to live in the only habitat in which we can currently survive.

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