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Eye opener for July 9, 2023

if you earned no more than $223,500 (gross) per year for the past 29 years (from 1987 - 2012), how could you be worth $87,997,030? (that's almost 90 million dollars) and your spouse be worth the same? And, how could you earn so much and run the United States of America at the same time? And, how could you do this in a moral way? That is the story that leaders like Nancy Pelosi would have you believe, but does this sound rational or does it sound a little conflict of interest?

If you didn't pay for food, gas, taxes, etc. and you invested every penny into gold (in 1987-1988) you would only have $22,168,995 (22 million dollars). And, as stated, that's if you didn't spend one penny on anything except the purchase of gold and held it in a vault so you didn't have to pay to store the 6.6 tons of gold you'd accumulated. And, this number is low, because you would have been buying the shiny metal at lower prices in those early years.

Well, what if you held onto all of your gross pay, but instead invested in the stock market, what would your investment have netted you? Let's use the biggest index out there, the DOW jones, which went from its low of approximately 1700 in 1988 to its approximate high of 14500 in 2012 which would mean an 8.5X ROI. In 2012, you would have made a tidy sum of $187,647,054 (187 million dollars). Hmmm. Had you just trusted the "free" market, you would have made out like a bandit. Even if you halved that money for taxes. food, gas, a mortgage, etc., you would have ended up with over 90 million dollars, but this is not what one does when in Public office. Trust in the very system you claim to be the only viable economic system, seems in short supply when you are supposed to live by the same rules as everyone else.

The Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is;

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