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Eye opener for June 09, 2023

Look around. Is your neighborhood, community, County, City, State, Nation getting better or worse? Is there more crime where you live or have you NOT been plagued by the same ills that are festering and growing everywhere around the Worl


If you haven't seen a rise in crime, the increase for necessities, or utilities, you either haven't been paying attention or you have so much money that others do your shopping for you and other insulate you from the real world in which the rest of us live. Don't worry, because even if your in the one percent or the one percent of the one percent, you will... Unless, of course, you own your own island or live in a decommissioned missile silo. As for those who are forced to live in this reality, it doesn't matter how many dollars you have because there will be a tipping point when the US Dollar will lose itsanding as the World's currency of reserve and your stacks will be useless in a hyperinflated economy.

You simply cannot print trillions out of thin air, give a majority of that new money to people who would not nor could ever spend it and expect your currency not eventually become worthless... People will figure out a means of exchange outside the centrally controlled economic system of Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for everyone else.

Inequity will be America's downfall and far too many Americans watch it happen to avoid it. As in days gone by, the signs were all there.

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