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Eye opener for June 12, 2023

There were no tests or studies done to prove that the COVID vaccine or boosters effectively stopped or slowed the transmission of the pandemic.

Pfizer admits no tests were done to verify the vaccines efficacy against transmission

But, the idea that the vaccine stopped or slowed transmission of the COVID virus was pushed on mainstream media and by power people and American leaders

The latest version of the COVID boosters was only teared on a small number of mice before it was released for use to the Public for Human consumption.

Bill Gates made $500,000,000 (five hundred million or half a billion) on the COVID vaccines the started bad mouthing the vaccines in favor of a nasal spray to prevent COVID. Bill is invested in the nasal spray he is now pushing.

Unexplained excess deaths have occurred at a much higher rate in the United States than other countries.

The conspiracy theories surrounding COVID vaccines and the lies told by people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are quickly being proven to simply be conspirarcies

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