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Eye opener for June 2, 2023

Updated: Jun 3

It may just be me, but why does it feel like the rich live in a Socialist Society while the rest of us live in Capitalism. Here in South Florida things like the fact that public parking in cities like Naples is free. Naples is a city in which millionaires are complaining that billionaires are making housing too expensive for the millionaires, yet all public parking in the most affluent shopping area is free. While, in Miami, which is still affluent, those who run this city tax the residents for access to the Sun and public parking on the beach is so costly as to be prohibitive to many middle class and all poor people. And, at least on South Beach, the tax rate is higher than that on the "main land" Miami. Why not have a graduate tax rate for varyious goods and services. For example, if it is a product or service that is bought by the middle class or lower... Like McDonalds or Burger King or any fast food... the tax rate should be lower than that for a luxury item like an expensive car or even a high end restaurant? I know I have a bias, because I'm not rich and I believe that the leadership in Miami charge it's residents for the Sunshine nowadays, because there are few if any amenities for Miamians that don't require Sunshine, something those who levy taxes in Miami had nothing to do with.

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