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Eye opener for June 27, 2023

Solution: For the past decade, I've been puzzled as to why so few Americans have considered victory gardens in place of lawns. As I drive through my city of Miami, I wonder how different life for so many would be if instead of one manicured lawn after another we saw one yard filled with tomato plants, another filled with pepper while another grew herbs or whatever can be grown in year-round tropical climates.

While such activity might not supply all of the food you and your family may needs, it would have served to supplement them. It would also have saved you so much money over the past few years as well as provided you with the knowledge needed to grow your own food. This may sound less crazy as food costs inflate along with everything else that injecting 5 trillion dollars inflated.

The Federal government is not only NOT watching out for your best interests, it is actively working against them. If the Federal was really trying to help, they would have done what worked in the past... Freeze wages... Well, they've effectively done that, but they would have also froze prices. How sustainable is a 27% increase in the minimum wage when the cost of housing has increased by 240%. Check the following inflation calculator to determine how much value your dollar has lost over the years then consider the return on investing in a perfectly manicured lawn versus a garden.

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