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Eye opener for June 28, 2023

Where do Americans think continuous wars and/or acts of aggression committed by America will lead?

Obama turned the two (2) wars he inherited from GW Bush into seven (7) wars. He was awarded the Nobel peaces prize after creating a drone program in which 90 percent of the deaths were civilian. Obama also dropped so many cluster bombs that American manufacturing couldn't keep up with production. Trump bombed Syria did not get America into anymore wars. Biden is pushing America closer to war with Russia and China while pushing a proxy war in Ukraine. How does this behavior make Americans safer?

While it's known that presidents don't act alone, they are the face of American wars and they are the commanders and cheifs of America's military. So, again I ask, what is the most likely outcome of continued and increases acts of aggression? If you believe world peaces is more probable, you are an idiot.

There are examples of how empires throughout history have ended. They all go through the same stages. One of those stages is over-extending themselves through military adventurism which ends with the empire's enemies forming alliances to end said empire's tyranny. Currently, those countries that America has attacked militarily or economically through sanctions are joining forces to end western hegemony. Since most know how one of the World's greatest empire (Rome) ended, here's an example of how a lesser known empire ended. If you don't have the time for the full story, just watch or listen to the last episode and consider the similarities to the shifting tides on the World's stages.

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