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Eye opener for June 6, 2023

While many of the rich may believe they can ride out the apocalypse in a decommissioned missile silo turned underground, two million dollar condo, there are those who will have to live amongst the rest of us... And we're going to be pissed.

Maybe the wealthy who can't afford their own private island, shock collars for the human body guards or robot security force, where will they go when the hordes turn against them. Maybe the best course of action for those medium rich people would be to side with the rest of and fight against the one percent that is driving Mankind toward annihilation.

Instead of allowing the super wealthy to drive so many wedges between us with racial, cultural, gender issues, we should band together to punch up to weaken their stranglehold and eliminate the power they've abused for far too long. Perhaps we should do this before it's too late.

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