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Eye opener for June 7, 2023

If government is so unwielding as to turn slowly like a cruise ship, why do laws and policies that benefit the rich seem to get passed so quickly, as if government turns more like a speedboat?

And, if government turns so slowly as to have no positive impact on our lives or the lives of future generations then what use is the government to most of us?

And, if the government is of little to no use for the rest of us, what legitimate claim to our tax dollars does our government have? You see, we pay taxes to run our government and for our government to provide security and safety to it's citizens. Do you feel secure? Do you feel safe? Do you realize that the taxes you pay are meant to be used for your benefit... Not just foreign wars and other acts of aggression like stealing Syria's oil or protect the largest source of opium to perpetuate an opioid epidemic?

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