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Eye opener for May 25, 2023

Hey remember when HW Bush went to war with Iraq based on the testimony of the Afghany ambassador's daughter that turned out to be a lie? No?

Well, do you remember when Colin Powell presented a satellite image of a truck with a tarp over it (not a missile shaped tarp. Just a reactagular shaped tarp/) and a cross-sectional drawing of a truck carrying a missile as proof that Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? No?

What about the time Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace prize after dropping so many cluster bombs (I think it was over 26,000 bombs) that America ran out of bombs? I mean, I could understand if I ran out of bombs, because I don't keep too many of those things laying around, but for a country to run out of bombs?. That seems a near-impossible task.

How's about the time America funded the same terrorists groups that attack us on 9/11 to go fight in Syria?

What about the time when we sent over 100 billion to Ukraine while more Americans became homeless. Do you remember that?

Do you remember any war America has won after World War II? Me neither

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