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Eye opener for May 28, 2023

Many leaders used to argue that "If wages go up, prices will go up.". To this I ask them to explain the fact that for decades wages have remained relatively stagnant while prices have continued to go up substantially year after year?

Adding to my query above, I would also ask why it took a pandemic for so many of the fast food restaurants and other retail businesses in America to raise their minimum wage to $12, $13, $14 plus an hour?

While American leaders have claimed to be fighting to raise the minimum wage for decades, companies have jacked their prices up for everything from necessities to luxury goods. When the latest round of attempts to raise the minimum to $15 per hour by the year 2025, which would only serve to keep people impoverished in 2025, why not go for the brass ring? Since the $15/hr was never going to happen, why not push for an actual living wage? More people would get behind the idea of paying people enough to not need welfare or food stamps. This would strengthen any candidacy for whatever elected position for which a person might run. As a candidate, you could also campaign on offering a plan to subsidize higher wages for the small businesses that couldn't afford the extra expense. This would incentivize more people to start their own business, creating greater competition and forcing the big guys to innovate or die. This would help build and suatain an economy that is much stronger than one based on too much "too big to fail" near-monopolies. This is but one solution offered in the book "Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America!" sold on this website here.

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