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Eye opener for October 04, 2023

The world will simply have to wait for the current leaders to die off before there is the possibility of peace. This claim is made because the only alternative is that our military rises up against those who manufacture and supply their weapons which sounds illegal, illogical and unsustainable.

The fact that a military coup feels like the last way in which we might achieve peace is not only a sobering thought but a testament to how poorly modern civilization is coping with modern technology. In a world in which it's inhabitants have the most ubiquitous and instantaneous forms of communication, there seems to be more impediments to rational, empathetic and peaceful negotiations to what are always avoidable in hindsight... At least in regards to American conflicts: The Vietnam war was provoked due to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, something that according the NSA did not happen as was reported for decades.

America's first invasion in Iraq was not popular until the Public was manipulated by the following lie and propaganda and George HW Bush.

The lie of weapons of mass destruction that "justified" America second invasion of Iraq. Just watch as George W. Bush... Funny how the Bush family members came to similar conclusions about war in Iraq. Sad how George E. Bush could joke about a known lie that eventually cost the lives of millions, including children for which George HW. Bush seemed to show so much concern

Now we're supporting wars in other countries and are being lied to about how poorly that war is going, the fact that we are supporting nei-Nasis in that war and the fact that the war has a higher probability of ending the country known as Ukraine in the name of profits for "American" companies. In the following story, the war profiteering of American companies is pointed out as well as the fact that Ukraine is conscripting it women between the ages of 18 to 60 years old for the war effort against Russia. These conscriptions as well as the Ukranian requests for other countries to extradite Ukrainian refugees back to Ukraine seem to contradict America's main stream media sources reporting that Ukraine is winning.

To learn how American companies are profiting from war and misery in Ukraine watch the following video starting from the 32:30 mark. Keep watching to hear about the constructions of Ukranian women and other conflicts in which America is taking part of outright controlling.

My fear is that Americans have waited too long to wake up to the threat described by Eisenhower in 1961 which hasadr the corrupt, immoral, elected, unelected and shadowy leaders, power brokers and authoritarians impervious to all threats excluding time.

The world is lost. America is the shepherd that led it astray and the American military is the staff that was welding to "spread"/force Democracy/Capitalism on the planet... An oxymoron, if ever there was one

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