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Eye opener for September 15, 2023

One of the saddest things for me to think about is the fact that leaders of western countries like America, France, England and others all agree with the way the citizens of those countries are treated. The proof of this is in the fact that no western country is coming to the rescue of the people who are starving, losing their homes and lives to poverty prescription drugs obesity and other catastrophies killing populations.

American leaders don't attack Canada with actions or words when Canada steals the money of the truckers (who were vaccinated at higher rates than those of the general public) when the truckers were fighting for the freedom NOT to be forced to take an experimental vaccine. French leaders didn't defend the 70,000 American healthcare workers who were fired for not wanting an experimental vaccine. And when those same 70,000 healthcare workers were replaced by unvaccinated national guardsmen, not a word was uttered. German leaders didn't force or even try to convince American leaders to pay the salaries of American workers who lost their incomes due to unprecedented and unnecessary COVID lockdowns. America was the only first world country that didn't offer to pay wages during lockdown. None of the western countries seem curious as to who caused the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, the largest release of greenhouse gases ever recorded. England doesn't question the mounting evidence that refutes the official narrative concerning the 9/11 attacks in New York.

None of the leaders of western countries seem to care as American leaders murdered five million people around the globe in its "war against terrorism". None of the western world leaders seem to care as American leaders commit acts of aggression against countries that could never attack America in any significant way: Syria, Iraq, Lybia, etc. None of the western countries seem to care about the refugees at America's border with Mexico, even though most of those refugees come from eastern countries that America has attacked directly or indirectly.

There are so many more examples of how all of these western leaders agree with all of the terrible things leaders of these countries do to other sovereign nations and to their own citizens. Evidence abounds, that inducates that none of these western leaders care about their citizens, which implies there are no saviors coming. This should indicate to the masses that we must rise up against the neo-fascusm, neo-feudalism, neo-slavery that is being implemented around the planet. There is no advanced alien race coming to save mankind from itself

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