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Eye opener for September 16, 2023

Consider the following: In a time when inflation gets worse every year, if not every month or every day, the money you have in your bank or mattress becomes worth less. This means that, if you don't have a way in which your savings increases in value, that saves is losing value. A simple example would be groceries. If your grocery bill is twenty dollars more this month for the same things you bought last month, your money has lost value. So, if you paid $100 last month but paid $120 dollars for the same things this month, your money has lost almost 17% of its value.

This loss in the value of your savings may not seem too bad until you consider that inflation usually continues to increase and in recent years it's gone kind of crazy. In America, five dollars would get you an entire lunch just a few years ago. Now, the value lunches cost about ten dollars. That's one hundred percent inflation, which means your money at fast food restaurants has lost half of its value. Chains like Subway used to advertise $5 dollar footlongs. Now, you're lucky to leave Subway with a $10 four long sandwich.

So, what can you do to insure your money will maintain its value? Very little these days. The interest you can earn at a bank will not keep up with the rising cost of everything, so you might as well keep it in the mattress mentioned earlier. Stocks are so high these days that few companies value even come close to what those company's stock ticker indicate. If you buy a stick now, you are more likely to be buying at the top and the saying is buy low, sell high, not vice versa. You could buy what many say is the ultimate hedge against inflation... Gold, or precious metals, but their prices don't really keep up with inflation either. Trust, I have precious metals and I could never retire on that. You could buy bonds in a company or country, but would you really feel comfortable loaning these companies or countries money these days? There are plenty of things you could invest in and everyone of them can be controlled and manipulated to infinity by the centralized authorities that control them. The rich will never allow the market, whichever market they control to make you richer and them poorer. They will not relinquish control of anything over which they have dominion, so you must find something they don't control or something that they don't completely control.

For me, that was Bitcoin, because while they can manipulate it's price, they know they can't suppress it indefinitely. As other investments prove useless for the majority of people, Bitcoin will increase in demand. The problem for rich and poor alike is that the supply of Bitcoin will never increase. It is mined, so there will be more Bitcoin in the world than there are today, but once 21 million Bitcoin are created, that's it. If you don't have one of those 21 million, you ain't getting one of those 21 million. And, I understand that 21 million sounds like a lot, but divided amongst the 8 billion people on Earth today, that comes to 0.0026 Bitcoin per person. Compare that to the five trillion dollars that the U.S. printed just in the past three years. If you divide that five trillion amongst all 8 billion people today, that comes to $625 dollars per person, which is no even close to being as scared as Bitcoin.

Now, I know people claim that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but this is only because they don't really know what people value. If Bitcoin had no intrinsic value, why would billionaires be buying billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin? Why would billionaires be trading their dollars for something without value? Bitcoin's value is in its scarcity, because there will only be 0.0026 Bitcoin per person and that number will only decrease as the population increases. Bitcoin's value is in its decentralized nature. By being decentralized, no authority can stop it from existing. The existence of every other currency around the world can be ended by the authority that controls it's existence. The US Dollar value was degraded once America went off the gold standard in 1971. Stocks on the market are propping up what are called zombie companies because those companies would have gone out of business had not there stock price been manipulated by the wealthy who own 87% of all stocks on the NYSE. Gold's value is suppress depending on how much good is being dug out of the Earth and now they're talking about mining it from asteroids.

I don't know about you, but I'm willing to bet more on the investment that not only keeps pace with inflation, but is surpassing it year over year. I don't know about you but I'm willing to bet on the investment that hasn't been tainted by some centralized authority and can never be truly controlled by some centralized authority. I don't know about you but I rather bet on the investment that is being bought up by the hundreds of millions by billionaires. I don't know about you but I would rather buy it now then when the billionaires buying it know want it's price to skyrocket.

I told friends and family to buy Bitcoin at $4,000 a Bitcoin. They didn't listen. I told friends and family to buy at $10,000 a Bitcoin. They didn't listen. I'm telling people to buy it now at $26,000 because you can buy a portion of a Bitcoin (called a Satoshi) and do dollar cost averaging. They won't listen, but they never do.

Ultimately, everyone should figure out the best investment, because all of our FIAT money is losing value every day. Too bad most people won't.

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