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Eye opener for September 19, 2023

When your Society has difficulty with the most basic of requirements, your Society is in trouble. One of the most basic or requirements for a functioning Society is that men and women come together to, not only perpetuate the species, but the Society as well.

Whether the problem be governmental intervention as was the one child policy in China or social media platforms and dating apps like Instagram, Tinder, Bumble, TikTok, when the outcome is a divergence between the two sexes, your Society is in jeopardy.

If the most basic of relationships cannot be fulfilled, what hope is there for any other relationship to act as the glue holding civilizations together? What chance is there of people of differing political views coming together? How are people of different races ever to find common ground? When would members of various cohorts like the rich, the poor, the middle class find common ground?

Humanity must choose to divorce itself from biases born of the differences over which we have no control. Humanity must choose to ignore the distractions that assist those who seek to extract your wealth and by extension freedom. Humanity must put humans first but not at the expense of the rest of nature or we are doomed to failure.

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