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Eye opener for September 2, 2023

It has been my experience that when someone moving up the corporate ladder is praised for being ambitious, it really means that this person is more cutthroat than others climbing that same ladder.

While there may be traits of innovation in a person's rise to the top, said person better also be ruthless and cunning. If not, their innovation(s) will get stolen by the true office shark(s).

And, when people claim that billionaires deserve all of the money they get, those people fail to recognize all of the non-billionaires and non-millionaires who made them rich. Those sycophants fail to realize that a billionaire's wealth actually threatens the workers who toil so hard to make those increasingly hoarded billions. While the millionaires and billionaires live a lives of luxury, their employees live under the threat of becoming destitute due to one medical emergency, one lay off or any number of unforeseen expenses. When a majority of Americans can't even cover the cost of a $400 dollar emergency in the richest nation the World has ever known, the problem(s) do NOT come down to an individual's choices in life. The problem(s) are systemic... And, in a Capitalistic economy, who controls the system?

If billionaires truly cared about their nation of residence or the people within, they would stop reaping the benefits of whatever company they founded. They would instead allow those who actually continue to keep that company at the top to prosper. They would allow those responsible for innovation (of which the founder had nothing to do) to reap the benefits of their innovations. They would allow those who assemble the products on the factory floor or those who distribute said products to enjoy the security that money can provide.

A billionaire with honor would not allow his exorbitant wealth influence politics so he or she could become even richer. An electorate that educated itself would realize that, in a Capitalistic economy, the cohort most represented by their elected officials is the cohort that provides the most to the campaigns of those elected officials.

Stop idolizing those who so readily step on the necks of the masses for their own gain, especially when that gain does nothing to improve anyone's life: Neither a multimillionaire's life nor a billionaire's life is going to be change by the next million they make because they can only live in one house at time, wear one pair of shoes, ride in one car, eat so many calories per day and the millions and billions they have insure that none of those things will ever change in their lifetime. And to those who would ask "well, what about their children and grandchildren?", I say "What about them?". They did NOT create or build the company, so why should the offspring of the founder deserve to reap the exorbitant rewards of the founder? While a millionaire's or billionaire's child or children should live a good life, why should the legacy of the parents allow their lives to negatively impact the lives of others? That's sounds more like a monarchy than Capitalism and it sounds quite oppressive.

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