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Eye opener for September 24, 2023

When what some perceive as the most powerful office in the world is filled by someone who is so obviously corrupt, how could any other office beneath it not be considered corrupt.

Whether you like Biden now or liked him when you voted for him, you CANNOT deny his corruption. To deny his illicit, immoral behavior, you would have to ignore his own admissions. While Donald Trump was impeached for telling Ukraine that the US was going to cut their funding, Biden was given a pass when he's on video bragging about it as Vice President. And, worse still is the reason Biden provided for potentially denying a billion dollars meant for Ukraine. Do most Democrats even know why he threaten to blcut the funding? Biden wanted a prosecutor investigating the company paying his son 83k every month to be fired. He wanted this prosecutor who the Obama administration had recently praised fired for investigating corruption. To me, this obvious conflict of interest should have disqualified him from becoming President in every American's eyes. If, as the second person in line for the highest office in the United States, you openly deny one BILLION dollars because the company for which your son has no experience is being investigated, you are obviously willing to compromise your office for personal gain.

And, I know someone would try to compare Trump's corruption to Biden's, but that comparison would have a big flaw. Trump is corrupt, but in the private sector, excluding his four years as President. Biden has been in public office for forty years. He has sworn to protect the Public's best interest for four decades and has failed to do so in that same amount of time. I challenge anyone to find the good things Biden has done as a senator, Vice President or President, because I can point out a lot of bad. The 1994 crime bill which is inherently racist, The international trade deals that changed America from a nation of manufacturing to one of service. Policies that made it impossible to resolve student debt through bankruptcy. Stealing speeches from other politicians and delivering them as his own. Lying about things like going to jail, graduating top third of his class with 3 degrees, and so much more. Biden has zero redeeming characteristics as a leader of men, so why should he have ever been President, except to put forth policies that benefit his donors.

Biden and his family seem as big of a crime family as any throughout history

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