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Eye opener for September 25, 2023

Do you feel as if your military is being utilized to protect your best interests?

I can honestly say that I don't feel more secure as an American because our leaders are using the U.S. military to protect profits over people. Besides the fact that the U.S. has lost almost every conflict in which it has been involved since WWII, I will simply point out one glaring contradiction of the U.S. military. In America, there is an opioid epidemic that, in one year, kills about the same amount of Americans that were killed in ten years of the Vietnam war. In the time of this epidemic, the U.S. military controlled the poppy fields of Afghanistan which is from where 70% of World's opium comes. One would think that, the U.S. military controlling so much opium would put an end to that epidemic in America.. Wouldn't one?

While, I'm not blaming the men and women of our armed forces, I, for one do not feel safer, given the uses to which the U.S. military is being put by our leaders. America is the World's bully, but a bully who always loses or abandons a fight is no bully to be feared. Maybe that's why countries like those of the B.R.I.C.S nations are standing up against the weak bully that is the United States. Maybe that's why both "enemies" like China and Russia and "allies" like Saudi Arabia alike are turning away from American hegemony.

The problem for America is that you can't go around the world and force your brand of freedom on it. "Forced Democracy" is actually an oxymoron according to the R.A..D. dictionary ( ). In the and forced Democracy only leads to a DeMOCKracy which is DemoCrazy

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