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Eye opener for October 01, 2023

As an engineer, I find it difficult to take the professionals in my field as well as the professionals in any other field seriously when they ignore the issues and problems facing America and the World.

They all sound like highschool kids on the yearbook committee debating about the content that will grace the pages of said yearbook. Actually, it's worse than that because the highschool children at least have limited experience about the world and the elites, zealots and leaders who are ruining society and civilization.

When, in weekly progress meetings, participants discuss ways in which NOT to approve a contractor's change order when the client has written a contract that literally gives the contractor a monopoly, I find it humorous. And, when I allege a literal monopoly, I am NOT being hyperbolic. The contract upon which I am currently overseeing was written in a way that makes it so there is only one contractor on the entire planet that could execute it. Go figure, the contractor is under-performing by almost every metric upon which an independent audit could conclude.

The failings to live up to any type of antitrust policy is not even the worst aspect of this project. For me, and the reason I view the professionals overseeing this project as children is the fact that it is helping a group of extremely rich people get even richer for providing a service that is necessary for the survival of Humanity and the professionals are bickering about to withhold money that the contractor doesn't need and will most likely horde in some bank.

The point I am making is that the World's problems transcend things like how much more money can be given or denied l to the rich. And, before you think "what can I do?", you might consider the consequences of not doing anything. To see the impact that ignoring the efforts of the rich and powerful just look around the world. They have proven that they can confiscate your money by blocking the funds going to the Canadian truckers. They've proven that they can further impoverish the masses by printing trillions of dollars during a pandemic. They're proving that they will attempt to silence you for speaking out against them by charging you with crimes varying from rape to espionage. They've given up on even trying to disguise their corruption by playing the stock market while controlling bills and laws that directly impact said stocks. They're proving that they don't care about your health or well-being by allowing medical bankruptcies to continue and denying universal healthcare in the richest country the world has ever known. There's poisoned water in Flint and Chicago and several other cities. Corporations are buying up and driving up the prices of single family homes.

I could go on, but I think my point is made. All of the professionals out there who have the luxury of ignoring the pain and suffering that the elites are causing are no more help to Society than the highschools kids fighting over what goes in the yearbook

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