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Hello to India

I'm not sure why it is so, but I love that so many people from India read my post. Not simply because the issues I address in my posts are relevant to all Humans but because of another connection I have with nation.

Below is a link to a short produced in India, Mumbai to be specific. The story is about one way in which the American Empire uses distraction to keep it's citizens disparate, desperate and distrusting of one another. It is a story about an aspect of every empire that has historically indicated said Empire's impending demise. It has been called "Bread and Circuses" and it is simply put, the establishment's mean to distract from its failure by providing it's people with bread (food), creating a dependency in the state and circuses, entertainment to forces ignorance to prevail, fester grow exponentially.

The short film below was produced and directed by Kundan Sad... Thank you Kundan for your efforts. In it a glimpse at a hypothetical, dystopian future is depicted that serves to occupy thethoughts of the masses to the point at which they collectively lose their ability to distinguish between the world as described by their leaders and the real one in which we all exist.

Check it out and look at the distractions we are currently force fed and then listen to the words and observe the actions of your leaders and compare and contrast them to the reality in which you and your loved ones live. Are those bread and circuses so fulfilling and entertaining as the lies, deceit and destruction we face is harmful?

After watching this short, look for Kundan's other works and tell him Chris says "Keep up the good work."

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