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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) noun 1.    An nonpartisan, Republican organization that facilitates the buying and selling of legislators or legislation. 2.  Defunct, debunked, lie

CLIMATE CHANGE noun 1.    An ecological disaster created by a few corporations and industrialists to satisfy their greed.

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS noun 1.    Republican Party doctrine which states that there is no need to help the needy.  It requires that services meant to individuals (the poor, elderly, disabled) not be provided:  Whether seeking funds to attain a degree higher than primary education or loans to start a business or simply funds to avoid becoming homeless, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS forbids any such attempts. 2.    A Christian philosophy according to republican leaders like Paul Ryan, a self-admitted follower of atheist author Ayn Rand who now denies his praise for her.

Democratic Party noun 1.    A political party that watches the Republican party screw over everyone except the wealthy.

Disposable Income noun 1.    Money consumers spend on products that don't last (TVs, cellular phones, health insurance, etc.).

GAFFE-FACTORY noun 1.    An international speaking tour of Joe Biden

Global Economy noun 1.    Monetary system used by the rich to screw over the 99%. 2.    System of economic growth that promoted national disloyalty as a means for prosperity

Job Creator noun 1. Slang, circa 2012, term used to justify funneling money away from the poor and middle classes in order to further enrich the wealthy. 2.   Myth

Immoral Legality noun 1.    A system of regulation that causes harm to the majority through the implementation of immoral laws which only serve a minority.

Inequanomics noun 1. The misguided belief that a few rich people can match the spending power of 100s of millions of consumers.  An example would be a comparison between the daily spending of the 400 richest people in America and the 150 million people this elite group's wealth equals:  For every meal, tank of gas, car, home, clothing purchase, there is no way in which these 400 individuals could ever spend as much as 150 million people.  Even if each of these 400 wealthy people bought the most expensive of any of the items mentioned above and supported families consisting of 100 members each, their spending would still only amount to 40,000 (thousand) people versus that of 150,000,000 (150 million) people.

Liberty Slave noun 1.    An individual incarcerated and made to do free labor in a country where Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness are usurped by laws written "By, For and Of the Private Prison Corporations."

Loan Shark noun 1.   Any bank labeled as "Too Big To Fail" that issues credit cards with excessive interest.rates which were deemed illegal when the mob loaned out money at similar rates.

Mitt Romney's ID adj People wonder who Mitt Romney really is: Is he a conservative or is he a liberal? He's identified himself as both at one time or another, so here are some of Mitt's IDs: 1. IDK - I Don't Know 2. IDC - I Don't Care 3. IDL - I D Laws or I Don't Lie * - One is an attempt to help him win illegitimately, the other will help him lose legitimately 4. IDM - It Doesn't Matter 5. IDA - I Don't Apologize 6. IDP - I Don't Plan or I Don't Provide * - Depending on whether he's talking about the nation or his taxes

Neo- Feudalism noun 1.    A system similar to Feudalism, inclusive of all forms of commerce (not simply land ownership), but lacking the titles of nobility of its predecessor. 2.    A period in the 21st century of American history when all commerce was controlled by supremely wealthy individuals and/or corporations.  Examples sited include, food production (85% of the beef industry was controlled by 4 corporations, 66% of the pork industry controlled by 4 corporations and 60% of the poultry industry is controlled by 4 corporations), large retail or wholesale stores such as Costco, etc.

President of the United States noun 1.    In the New Century, this term simply meant ‘the lesser of two evils’.

Profiling noun 1.    An act reserved for use by the Republican Party, meant to divide the country along racial and cultural lines.

Tax Incentive or Subsidy noun 1.    Entitlement(s) paid to wealthy individuals and corporations.  In the early part of the 21st Century, tax incentives/subsidies went to corporations that outsourced labor, in-sourced labor , after years of outsourcing labor and corporations that made more money than the certain deities. 2.    Reward(s) that inordinately benefited the wealthy.

Republican Party noun 1.    A political party that tells its constituents how it will screw over everyone except the wealthy.

Republucanus Dementia noun 1. The belief that GOP represents any one, other than the wealthy.

Responsible Homeowner noun 1.    People who pay and/or paid their mortgages whether employed or otherwise. 2.    Designation used to appease constituents with upside down mortgage, who hadn’t lost their jobs.

Romnesaur noun 1.    A creature with multiple heads.  Each head could speak the language of whomever it faced, except for the negroid.  This creature was especially dangerous to the Americanous Voterasaurus, which it devoured after herding towards cliffs or pits called Trickle Downs.  Also had an uncanny ability to hoard and hide its possessions.

Romnivore noun 1.    A person or corporation/person that devours businesses and leaves a mess for others to clean up. 

Rush Limbo noun 1.    The Urgency with which the Republican Party hopes to keep the United States of America stuck in the Quagmire created by the Republican Party.

Second Amendment noun 1.    The "right of the people to keep and bear arms" not armaments.

Self Complacency adj. 1.   The act of ignoring actual or possibly bad things that could have an impact on one's self. 2.    Sometimes referred to as Ostrich Syndrome.

Self Mass Extinction noun 1.    The act of causing extinction of one’s own species in a relatively short period of geological time, usually as a consequence of a catastrophic global event, or an abrupt change in the environment

Slumming it verb 1.   A means for the Super Rich to practice or prepare for the future they are creating.

Supply Side/Trickle Down noun 1.    An economic policy in which the majority of taxpayers forfeit their own money, which is given to the rich in hopes that the rich will in turn give some of this donated money back to the poor and middle class after said poor and middle class have performed some labor or task for the rich. 2.    Myth

Untied States of America noun 1.    Formerly known as The United States of America which became unraveled due to insane greed.

Walled Off Well Off noun (also known as Gated Communities) 1.    Areas where the "less than super rich" sequestered themselves starting in the late 2000s. 2.    Also known as “WOWOs”, due to sounds that emanated from these homeowners whenever a neighbor walked on their grass.

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