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It's not complicated. It's complicity

Updated: May 9, 2023

We've (the American People) have had our heads in the sand for decades now, while our leaders not only allowed inequality to increase, but actively participated and legislated in a manner that insured the outcome(s) we currently face. Some of the most powerful leaders like Pelosi and McConnell have been in office since the 80s (peak decade IMHO) and life in America has only worsened for a plurality if not a majority of Americans.

The signs of these leader's failure were disguised but abundant to the few initiated willing to look. Things like the increasing percentage of income being made by the Forbes 400, the stagnant minimum wage as prices doubled for necessities, the cost of college, the opioid epidemic while America's military controlled the largest poppy fields in the World. The list goes on as our leaders use complexity as justification for their policies which range from immoral at best to illegal in far too many instances: Every U.S. president since WWII has been a war criminal as our armed forces have been used to kill millions of people, including millions of children in countries around the World.

It's only complicated (as our leaders say) because it's hard keeping track of the lies they've told the rest of us for generations. Lies like "It's hard to move Government because it turns slow like a cruise ship." when it's very apparent that Government turns like a speedboat when it benefits the rich or big businesses. In previous posts as well as in the book "Solution: Enough complaining. Let's fix America", examples of the lies we're told are detailed and exposed for their immorality and illegality while providing solutions to the biggest issues we face.

A lot of America's biggest issues aren't America's biggest because they're complex, they're our biggest issues because we allowed them to fester a grow as our standards of living declined as did our ability to spot a Presidential candidate in mental decline.

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