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Lies presented as facts - American DeMOCKrazy

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Democrats blame their losses on everything but what actually caused those kosses... Doing nothing for those who have voted for them over the decade(s) never seems to be any of their concern.

Republicans are no better in this regard, but ethically they have taken the higher road of being as terrible as their words imply. Democrats, on the other hand pretend to care while they commit to the same evil schemes, policies and laws to which Republican leaders commit.

The latest in a string of broken promises made by the Democrats is the promise to protect abortion rights. During both Obama's and Biden's campaigns, protecting abortion rights was their highest priority. After they won, however, neither thought it important to codify Roe v. Wade. Here is that broken promises in Obama and Biden's own words

While many already understand why people won't vote for a republican, too few seem to realize the same reason exist for not voting for a democratic leader. To gain a greater understanding as to why voters choose to no longer vote for Democrats, let's make a simple comparison. Contrary to what our leaders seem to think, they are supposed to do the bidding of those who voted them into office. And, yes this includes leaders in Washington D.C.. They are all supposed to lead in accordance with the will of the people... The majority of the people.

Abiding by the will of the people is implied in every campaign promise that convinces them to pick a particular candidate. Abiding by the will of the people is explicitly required once elected because it is the taxpayer's money that pays the salary of these elected officials.

A Government does not earn money which it then uses to pay a Governor's, Congressperson's, President's wages. They tax you and I to raise the funds used to pay those elected to office. Looking at it another way, those we elect, in essence and in substance work for us. The taxpaying Public is therefor these elected officials employer(s). YOU are the President's employer. YOU are the Governor's employer. YOU hired them when you voted them into office. And, as their employer, you are correct in having certain expectations of them, as would any employer.

You cannot go to work and expect to do nothing for those who hired you. Granted, there may be instances when you receive conflicting directions or instructions from various supervisors, but the supervisor with the most pull, greater seniority or most company shares wins the day in those discrepancies. The majority even if that majority is comprised of the numbers of voting shares in a company dictate your responsibilities and duties as an employee of that company. So, why should the voting Public expect any less from it's employees?

Our leaders/employees are doing none of the things they promised they would do when we were considering hiring/voting them into office. They seem to only do the bidding of some rich person or persons who are paying them to do the opposite of what we hired them to do. They seem to be taking the company/nation in a direction we chose not to go.

So, the question arises as to whether you would keep an employee who consistently does the opposite of what you hired them to do. And, If you would, how many years would you allow them to work against your wishes before you let them go?

In America, it has been proven that neither party represents the will of the majority of the citizens of this nation. Don't believe me? Read the following report from Princeton University Basicallywhat this study exposed was that our elected leaders serve the interests of their biggest donors, of whom belong to a very tiny minority in the US. They don't represent you and they never will, so stop believing the hype because there are dire consequences. Far too many to detail here. Maybe a series on consequences will be forthcoming.

Ultimately, however, what continued adherence to the belief that Democratic or Republican leaders represent the will of the majority or even a plurality of their constituents does is it keeps the citizenry from considering any option other than the lesser of two evils. In the end, voting for the lesser of two evils only accomplishes voting for evil, which leads to leaders like Trump and Biden,

While many will decry the merits and demerits of these last two American presidents, no one could ever convince me that either is the absolute best that America has to offer, And, face it, since it can arguably be said "so goes America, so goes the World, shouldn't we be led by the absolute best, not the lesser of anything? The only purpose that both Biden and Trump should serve are as proof that America is an empire in decline.

Americans need to realize that unless you have enough money to warrant a leader taking your call or at least returning your call, they don't represent or even care about you or anyone you care about. American voters need to realize that a new tactic is necessary to resolve the biggest issues we've faced in past decades and will face in the decades to come. Let's stop choosing between two parties that are actively dividing the country into red and blue camps. Vote third party until it becomes a viable choice or, hell, write in your vote... Your conscience will thank you in the end... Pun intended.

Today's Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is DeMOCKrazy - a political system that pretends to represent a nation of people who are krazy enough to believe their best interests are being acted upon.

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