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Lies presented as facts - America's healthy workforce

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Consider the latest claims about America's economy... The workforce is strong. Unemployment is at it's lowest since its previous lowest low.

What those who make these claims should be saying is "It's all irrelevant, because few jobs keep pace with inflation these days. In other words many Americans need to work several jobs and donate blood to stay afloat today... Literally selling their blood for money

How can a workforce that is being drained of it's blood be considered a healthy one? How can a system that leaves individuals with no other option but to sell their blood be considered fair, just, moral, legal or even sustainable? In my opinion it can't be except by those few who benefit from an impoverished, demoralized, broken pool of employees.

It should our greatest shame that far too many Americans can no longer afford life in America. It should be concerning that current elected officials choose to do nothing to resolve this matter. It's a shame that so many Americans are choosing to ignore this fact because they falsely believe any of it will have an impact on their own lives. Too bad those same Americans are wrong as, not only does an ever-increasing number of poor have major impacts on things like drug use, homelessness and crime in almost every neighborhood but the elites overseeing this transfer of wealth will not stop with the poor or the middle class.

Think about it, the middle class ignored the inequitable practices in the US and now they too are being targeted for poverty. Paraphrasing that famous poem. "Ignore the plight of other at your own peril."

So, some say there are job a plenty. A fact that, while it may be true must provide little solice to those earning wages that only serve to keep them in debt. In that regard, I have a question for anyone out there: Why does the richest country in the world allow companies that don't pay living wages? Before answering, consider the fact that such low wages require everyone else's tax dollars to subsidize every position that pays those poverty wages. For instance, Walmart paid so little at one point that employees at Walmart stores had to receive some form of assistance which when account for all of Walmarts employees amounted to almost one (1) million in taxpayer dollar subsidizes per year.

In other words, you and me and every taxpayer was covering the shortfall in wages for every Walmart to the tune of one million dollars every year. Personally, I don't think any welfare funds should go to anyone with a full-time job. I'm not saying there should be no welfare. I'm saying that any taxpayer money used to cover a business' poverty wages should be attributed directly to said business so we know exactly who to blame and which businesses to nationalize.,. If this sounds like Socialism and you don't like that then how are you okay with the Socialism that Walmart receives due to the fact that it's employees had to rely on Government assistance?

In the end, we must all decide whether we want to live in a society that impoverished an increasing number of it's citizens or do we want to live in a World that provides for all. We have that power, because after all is said and done, a nation is only a nation as long as a majority of it's citizens believe in it. Don't believe me, name one country in which no one believed.

Today's Regaining American Democracy dictionary word or phrase is:

Free Slave

1. American employees who must stay with their job til death do they part. Indications of free slavery include living to work instead of working to live, having to work on your days off, wearing clothing of which you had no input on it's design.

Related to - Though similar, free slavery is a more Humane version of it's historical counterpart Slavery which peaked in the 1850s. Other than the beatings, mutilations and will nilly murders, free slavery differs in that the slave owners no longer pay room and board for their slaves. They instead extract wealth from the slaves through vehicles like COVID-19, and luxuries such as "ownership" by utilizing tax breaks and military adventurism in countries most Americans can't tell if they're real or not.

Also see - Modern day slavery - A system in which convicted criminals (mostly non-violent) are made to work for multi million-dollar corporations and state agencies for next to nothing because they are not protected from slavery under the 13th Amendment.

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