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Lies presented as facts - Covid vaccines

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

You can believe Fauci if you want. The problem is which Fauci to believe. Fauci flip-flopped on every important aspect of COVID-19 Imagine being so wrong at work. How long would you last if you changed your mind as much as that guy. "Yes, I did take that safety factor into account. Wait. No I didn't... Maybe, I did. Let me get back to you. No, I did not forget to not take that safety factor into account.... Ehhhhh.

You would fire yourself if you were as incompetent at your job as that guy is, especially if millions of lives were on the line. It makes one wonder about the integrity and morality of someone who contradicts their own medical advise during a Pandemic and refuses to let someone who knows what they're doing replace them to make the tough calls.

If the Fauci of today doesn't trust the Fauci of yesterday and that Fauci doubts the Fauci from two days ago, why would you trust any of the Faucis? Why would you even trust anyone with the same last name without verifying that they weren't related to Anthony "Science" Fauci?

Yet, in light of his apparent ignorance, it was Fauci and voices like his that demonized world renowned doctors and scientists with divergent narratives or ideas. Anyone who suggested that COVID was caused by a lab leak was labeled as crazy. Anyone who said there were alternative treatments to the vaccines was called an antivaxxer. Those who believed the United States funded the gain of function research that unleashed the virus on the planet was deemed a conspiracy theorist.

It's odd that during a crisis such as the pandemic, not all voices, opinions or ideas were considered. You would think leaders would want to throw everything they could at the problem. I think it would have been inconceivable to think that our leaders would turn deaf ears to those whose ideas in the end were actually the good ones. And, who would have thought leaders would have put profits over people? That's a rhetorical question... I knew our current leadership would pick money before they picked people. I also knew that there were solutions to the bad leaders we've picked for decades now.

While I presented solution in my book Solutions, I'm no longer certain they're viable. You see, they depended on a critical mass of people truly waking up to the biggest issues we all face. People needed to be able to ignore all of the distractions used to keep them focused on each other's relatively small differences. Something I fear impossible having seen how great the chasm became over COVID.


Not only did Americans have to worry about the virus killing them, they had to worry about the Government pushing for their banishment from Society like a modern-day leper.

Just keep ignoring or blackballing voices like mine and wait to see where the leaders who led us to where we are today take us next. I can guarantee it's not where you think nor want to go.

The Regaining American Democracy (RAD) dictionary word or phrase of the day is:

Americant - noun

Any safety net or assistance program that America provided to it's citizens in the last century but no longer provides and/or demonizes as Socialism in this century.

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